Herceptin and AXA PPP

Herceptin and AXA PPP

Herceptin and AXA PPP Uncertain if this is the right forum for this one . Anyway I’m not ranting on this subject for once as the Ombudsman has upheld our complaint and I’m getting a year funded.

Haven’t got the detail of why the decision was made this way from the adjudicator (our complaint listed a number of grounds on which we considered the company to be wrong) so I don’t know yet how helpful it will be to anyone else refused funding by AXA PPP but hopefully…

Still need to “sort out” PCT locally - complaint with the Healthcare Comission about that one.


That must be a huge weight off your mind, well done.

Jen xxx

SOOOO PLEASED For you, this has been rumbling on for far too long. I can imagine the relief.

PCT next, lets hope they see the light soon.

Well done

Steph x

Dear Sandra That’s great. I am so pleased for you. I find that not having to pay has really reduced my stress and I hope it does the same for you.

Best wishes,


Really pleased Only just noticed this. Really pleased for you. I’ve a bit of self interest here too as I have AXA PPP insurance (had loads of trouble with them during treatment).

best wishes


Oh Sandra That’s terrific news. (Don’t know why I missed this thread before.)
I’m so very very pleased for you. What a weight off your mind.

Love Judy xxx

really good news! I’ve just seen your post as well - brilliant news!

Quick Herceptin update from Oxfordshire. Juliet has her 2nd treatment tomorrow. First one went without a hitch, thankfully.
Still trying to sort out funding. Local MP says he will take it up with the PCT and that there are 13 ‘eligible’ women in area. Also had a letter from PCT yesterday, in response to an application for funding from J’s GP. This says that PCTs in area meeting today to come up with common policy - and that they will be reviewing individual applications on 15th March. This was accompanied by a statement with their interim policy - which had all usual stuff about side-effects / lack of trial data and lack of cost effectiveness. Looks pretty clear which way the meeting today will go!

Anyway, I’m really glad that you have some good news!!!