Herceptin and improving heart function

Hi all, I received my 5th lot of herceptin today and was told my last muga was down to 57% from 67%. I’ve to get another in 8 weeks time to see if it goes down anymore but the oncologist didn’t seem concerned. I read a post a few months back about a woman who was taking supplements to help her heart but can’t find it anywhere. Can someone help me or give advice if there’s anything I can take? At 28 I don’t fancy having a bad heart!

The supplements you want are pycnogenol and CoQ 10.



The combined one they mention is hard to get but you can get them separately from Amazon. I get the Ubiquinol 100mg ebcause that is supposed to be absorbed better.


My first echo scan was 55% and my second was 60% I took the supplements a week after the first one because they said if mine dropped to 50% they would not give me Herceptin. They already stopped my chemo because my blood counts got too low!


I am taking these: