Herceptin and me!

Thanks very much for advice. I will give it a go.
Kind regards

Hi ice queen,is good to hear someone else has problems with meomory whilst on Herceptin,ive had 8 doses and some days feel iam losing the plot.I can think of something and seconds later its gone out of my head.x

I am also having herecptin treatment I am due to have no 18/18 16 October.
So sorry that you have also been experiencing all these terrible side effects, so pleased that it is just not me I was beginning to think it was just me. Am unable to go to work today as I feel so tired aching all over just got a horrible sickly feeling and a constant runny nose, quite a lot of times I have felt this way but struggled and gone in.

Hi I hope that you all dont mind me joining in, I am also on herecptin and thankfully should finish my treat no 18/18 next Tuesday 15 october.
I have also been experiencing some of these terrible side effects, Always being told I should not get any side effects to herecptin.
Unable to go to work to day as am not feeling that good I just feel so very tired and no energy and a sickly feeling, I do not always need to take a day off work.