Herceptin and tykerb.

Herceptin and tykerb have proved to work more effectively together than Herceptin alone, is anyone on the two together at the moment?

Hi Hatty,
Just started herceptin. Can you tell me what tykerb is?

Hi as far as I know Tykerb and Herceptin together are only used in advance and secondary cancer not for primary.

Best wishes Melxx

No latest research says it showing good signs for early breast cancer.

tykerb is platinab. (spelling) it works from inside the cells where as Herceptin works outside the cells. Tykerb also crosses the brain barrier that Herceptin doesnt.


This explains all.

Hi I dont think it has been approved by NICE in this country.(hope someone will correct me if i’m wrong).


no it hasnt but sometimes these things can be got around.

Maybe some protesting and partitioning is called for,just like the wonderful ladies did to get Hercepting for early stage HER+ breast cancer.


couldnt agree more, it was turned down by NICE as to expensive and only extended life for a few months. No trials currently running. Will investigate some more and see if we could start a petition there is enough of us after all.

in the studies done in the US it showed that.
Using two drugs that more precisely target tumors doubled the number of women whose cancer disappeared compared to those who had only one of the drugs.

Doubled that is a lot.

it really angers me when you think of the ammount of money spent on other things (wont go into detail incase of offending anyone)and yet they wont pay out money to save lives or even prolong lives any amount of time is precious to spend with loved ones and there shouldn’t be a price for it.I know, its more complicated than that and in a ideal world, blah blah.but it is wrong.


couldnt agree more and darent say what i really think about funding etc.

I had it about a year ago-but it didn’t help me at all. Was very disappointed at this-especially as I had been swept along by the hype, and had hoped for good results.

Hi Elaine so sorry that you didn’t have good results.

Best wishes Melxx


thanks for those comments i maybe able to get it for early stage cancer but just interested to hear if anyone had experienced it.
Elaine can you tell me more what are the side effects and how did you find it what stage cancer are you?

Hi Hatty. The s/effects of tykerb are very similair to xeloda-ie hand/foot problems and gastric/stomach issues.As this combination came after I had just finished xeloda, I was in agony, with the side effects effectively doubling-but that, I guess was just bad luck! I had secondaries diagnosed in Nov 2007-to pleura, liver and bones, so we are trying anything which may help-even if it may only slow down progression.

Elaine im sorry to read your post how are things for you now. I may be able to have it for early breast cancer to cure me so im not sure what is happening at the moment as its not generally available for early breast cancer at the moment.

Hi Hatty was just wondering, you say you may be able to have the drugs have you spoken to Oncologist or anyone about it.


Hi everybody,

I’ve been on herceptin since 2008, I have liver and bone mets. Xwelcomex, whats ‘HERA’