Herceptin - appealing to PCT

Herceptin - appealing to PCT

Herceptin - appealing to PCT Dear all,

Never sure where is the best place to write about herceptin on the forums…

Wondered if anyone was going to take any action / appeal to PCT after the Anne-Marie Rogers result. We heard, same day as verdict, that Juliet had been turned down for funding from Oxfordshire PCT as case not considered ‘extra-ordinary’. PCT said herceptin low priority (leaflet included said that low priority treatments included tattoo removal / reversal of sterilisation / complementary therapies and breast augmentation!!!) but that they would pay in some circumstances - though not for us!

Not sure what to do now - whether to keep paying privately or whether to fight this. If we do appeal assume we would need to know how the PCT judge who to fund. Have any of you asked for this information fromPCT? If you have appealed how much information have you sent in to support it?

Any information / experiences very gratefully received!



Why don’t you contact Jen (TheFlatOne) on the other site - she seems to be a mine of information on the subject.



PCT Appeal Hi Sharon

I appealed to PCT (and lost ) but if you think I can help in any way , sort of info/arguements I used etc I can also be contacted via other site (address as per Dawns post - I post there as slp (Also got a complaint in with healthcare commission)


Hi Sharon,

sorry to hear there are STILL difficulties with this, it really makes my blood boil!

Personally I think of course you should fight for Juliet’s right to receive this on NHS (but then I am probably biased) I can’t stand the thought of ‘managers’ saying one womans life is more worthy than anothers.

As others have suggested please come over to the other site and I would be happy to continue this conversation with you either in the Herceptin forum we’ve set up (which is gathering some very useful info) or by private message if you wish.

Take care
Jen xx

Will see you on other site! Dear all,

Many thanks - and sorry for delay in reply. First week of new University term and we are rather overwhelmed with students!

I am registered on the other site - and had a welcome email, when I joined , from Dawn! Juliet and me will get to you on that site asap and discuss this further.

Meanwhile couple of news articles. Good letter in Guardian yesterday - guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,1756237,00.html

but also news that Shropshire still not funding -

Situation still so much up in the air!

Love to you all,