Herceptin at the age of 26

Herceptin at the age of 26

Herceptin at the age of 26 Hi hope everyone is doing ok.

I have just had my 1st out of 3 taxotere after 3 FEC, then going onto 5 weeks of rads, i am HER 2 + so will be having herceptin.

I am just wondering out of curiosity if anything if there is anyone my age that is HR 2+, I am only 26 and just want to know that at my age If am the only twenty odd year old going through this, my breast care nurse has only seen 4 or 5 other patients under the age of 30 in 14 years at my hospital, which makes me quite scared.

Also I have been reading other threads and some people have said thay have had CT scans at some point after being diagnosed, I have never been offered this, would a CT scan show up any cancer in the boby? should I mention having a scan to my oncologist, I just feel I want any test possible to ease the anxiety of wondering every day if all this treatment is actually working for me.

as you can tell im having one of those not so positive days

but ill be fine ,ha ha
corrina xxx

Hi Corrina,

I am 28 and have bc which also spread to nodes. Am HER2+ too altho hormone neg. I am just behind you. Had my 2nd FEC last wed and will have herceptin combined with taxtotere for my last 3.
How did you find FEC? My first was fine, my 2nd was horrible! Was vv sick and had to go back into hospital for anti sickness through IV.

There are a few of us the same age on here. It sucks doesn’t it? I had scans before my mastectomy, but it seems to vary from place to place. Worth asking if you’re worried. I am constantly being neurotic and trying to make myself be sensible. It’s hard when you’ve had such a shock.

Hope you’re feeling alright. Keep in touch

Liz x

message for liz Hi Liz ,it was great to hear from you and eventually to find someone my own age with similar treatments.

Its a week since my first taxotere and I woke up today feeling really good.

My first 2 FEC were awfull I was so sick for days after and ended up in hospital like you, my third FEC was slightly better in the fact that I wasnt sick but I really struggled mentally, had a really bad panick attack that lasted for about 3 days which is not like me as I have been so positive from day 1, was so weak and dizzy for the whole 3 weeks. so I was dreading my first Tax as I didnt think I could go through that again but my first one was ok, no sickness just very tired and pains in my fingertips and random shooting pains all over oh and bad guts (needing to go to the toilet every couple of hours) sorry, ha ha.

How many lymph nodes did you have taken out? I had 6 and it had spread to 4, I had a wide local excision. I am also HER 2+ and hormone neg.

have you been to any of the young womens forum weekends? I am going to the one in Birmingham next month I am really looking forward to it to be able to talk face to face with people who know what its like and know what we are all going through.

When is your next FEC? Hope it goes well for you.

Its great that you replied, I got really excited knowing there was someone my age out there.

we will def have to keep in touch

take care
corrina xx

Do you have more details about the forum in Birmingham please?

I’m older than you, 39, but immature :wink: - and would be pleased to attend a forum/meeting. I’m triple negative so can’t help you on the treatement questions but have now finished my chemo and rads and am trying to adjust to being “normal” again.


Hi Withajay,

yeah the young womens forum is on friday 6th and sat 7th of July in Birmingham as far as I know there are still places left, all you need to do is phone breast cancer care and tell them that your interested, they will then send all the information to you. It sounds really good with group discussions and information about healthy eating, excercise, etc by healthcare proffesionals there is also well being sessions which might include yoga, aromatherapy hand massage and stress and relaxation techniques.

hope this helps

corrina xx