Herceptin & dexamethazone

Iam HER2+++ ,and after operations, chemo and rads am now on Herceptin. I am about to have my 12th Herceptin session and I always have dexamethazone injected into my saline ( and piriton) before I have my Herceptin. When I have asked why they say it helps the Herceptin work more efficiently. Does anyone else have this as the only other person I have spoken to on herceptin doesnt have this, and another Oncology nurse in a different area to myself says that they don’t give it to anyone whilst on Herceptin.

I am obviously quite keen to ditch the steroid, but if I do and the cancer returns I may alwys wonder if it was ditching the Dexamethazone - maybe I should just wait until I’ve done all 17 treatments.

Any ideas?

I have never heard of dexamethasone influencing how effective the Herceptin is?. I think they would give you dexamethasone if they throught you were likely to have some sort of allergic reaction to it. Which can happen with Herceptin but not very often.
Hope this helps
E xx

I agree with eal69eal the dexamethasone would have been given to prevent an allergic reaction not make the Herceptin more effective.

I used to take oral steroids before having Taxotere because of chance of allergic reaction,they used to make me feel so awful that I did’nt always take the 3 days course.

But with herceptin I only had the IV Piriton to lessen chance of reaction and this was given prior to Herceptin so I had no choice, but can honestly say all it did was make me feel very tired. I had Herceptin for 12 months with just Piriton

I have been on herceptin for 5 years at the Royal Marsden. Piriton is given with the herceptin if the person is known to have slightly allergic reactions. But NEVER have I heard of dex being given with it to make it more effective. I would really challenge this.


Thank you all for your comments, I will definitely speak with my Onc about that next time. Thank heavens for this website.