herceptin for HER2-

Hi melly2 and lucy .
Still confused , but I will phone next week for clarification.

I read the publication and I´m assumming that if you are HER2 positive then it will show as HER2+++ and any number of +´s less than 3 ie +++, will actually be HER2 negative . If thats correct than I cannot see why on earth it´s not written that way ?
What do they write as negative then for ER and PR ? Because I´ve got P53 written down as P53(-) Whats P53 it´s obviously a marker for something .
I think my brain has crashed . This must be simple , but I don´t get it .

Hi jackwagstaff

If you are ER or PR negative they write ER- PR-.Have you a breast care nurse you could go through your path report with,or ring the BCC help line i’m sure they would be able to help.I’m thinking of asking for my path report as I didn’t bother to get it when first diagnosed,but I will wait until my next Oncology appointment so I can go through it with my Oncologist.I haven’t a clue what P53 means lol.


Hi Jackwagstaff

I was diagnosed last July and had a left mx, Er, Pr and Her positive, 4.5cm grade 3 but no lymph spread. I was told that I could have Herceptin if I had chemo but they are not ‘allowed’ to give herceptin if you do not have chemo. For me, the % gain did not outweigh the SEs so I said no to chemo, so I automatically excluded myself from herceptin. The percentages of benefit for both were small - I will have to wait and see if I made the right decision. Only treatment is Arimidex with some SE including breathlessness, fatigue and aching joints after sitting, the pain usually eases once I get moving. My surgeon has said she might change my tablets half way through to keep ‘IT’ guessing.
Awaiting results of my first anniversary mammogram next weds.

Good luck with your treatment x

Kris (Jackwagstaff) - I am always curious when I read something I haven’t heard of before. 2 years ago there was a thread on P53 which I thought you might like to read:


In that thread katiecat wrote:

The p53 gene like the Rb gene, is a tumor suppressor gene, i.e., its activity stops the formation of tumors. If a person inherits only one functional copy of the p53 gene from their parents, they are predisposed to cancer and usually develop several independent tumors in a variety of tissues in early adulthood. This condition is rare, and is known as Li-Fraumeni syndrome. However, mutations in p53 are found in most tumor types, and so contribute to the complex network of molecular events leading to tumor formation.

As yours was written P53(-) I don’t know the significance of the (-). I think Poannie has the Li-Fraumeni syndrome so if she sees this she might comment.


I know I am way too late commenting on this, but I ran a search on p53 (as I can’t sleep) and found this thread… I didn’t see it and comment back in July, as I don’t check the herceptin threads as I don’t take it!!

If anyone wants info on the p53 gene issues (Li-Fraumeni Syndrome) then please feel free to message me!

J xxx

I’m due to start Herceptin IV every 3 weeks for a year on a clinical trial , just picked this thread up interesting seeing my oncologist on Friday know I am also ER+ and will need to also take Tamoxifen for 5 years going to ask for my path report re the P53 gene, never heard of it before. Now also wondering at 53 should I consider having hysterectomy???. Just need to get 3 more chemo’s out of the way.