Hello Ladies,


May I ask those of your who are having Herceptin how often do you get your heart checked?


I had a MUGA/Ventricular heart scan (the one with the radioactive dye) before starting treatment and wondered when I should next have a scan.


Many thanks in advance.




i had an echo before chemo, then before first herceptin 

am now having them 3monthly

herceptin 7 on Friday so have  next echo in sept

best wishes


I had 3 monthly echo scans while i was having herceptin. My levels stayed in the high 60’s low 70’s. I finished herceptin last October and have had two scans 6 monthly since. I will have at least one more after a year so they check for two years after finishing herceptin. I am in Lincolnshire. I did see a locum oncologist earlier this year who thought once you had finished the injections you didn’t need any more checks providing your levels had been good throughout. I guess different doctors have different opinions