Herceptin Home Visits

Had my first one today. Very relaxing being able to have this done at home in my own front room. OH was working from home today so he made some tea whilst the nurse was here and she left with some of his garden veggies!

I am really grateful that the area of the country I am being treated in has the budget to be able to offer this service as it means I don’t have to do the 50 mile round trip to the hospital every 3 weeks and I can pretty much get on with my life again now. Been a bit tired all day and had a sleep for the afternoon, but I got a couple of insect bites in the garden on Monday and had to take Piriton before bed last night, so I think this may have had something to do with it. I don’t like either allergy tablets or Tramadol and I had a thick head this morning.

Anyway, only 12 more Herceptins to go!

How often do you have to have the jabs. I thought it was 3 times a week for a year???
Juliex(sorry i’m new to this)

Julie - I have to have Herceptin once chemo and rads are finished. My understanding is that you have it once every 3 weeks for a year and it is infused into a vein, like the chemo.

Cherub - I think that in my area it is also done at home. Glad to hear that it isn’t too bad!

All the best


Hi there ,
glad to hear your first Herceptin went OK. Starting any new treatment is v scarey - apparently I’ll be statring it when my chemo is finished (sept) and so I’ll be interested to hear how you are doing along the way (if that’s OK)
Hope you continue to feel OK


I’m really pleased your first Herceptin went well. I too will be having Herceptin once I’ve finished chemo and had my rads. I expect it’ll start about Jan time. How nice to be able to have it at home! I will be going to the chemo day centre for mine, they just can’t get enough of me!! LOL!

As with Caroline I’ll be really interested to see how you are doing with the Herceptin,

Take care,