Herceptin - How long to administer?

Hi Ladies,

I am due to start Herceptin soon and was wondering how long, on average, it takes to administer a dose? I know the first one will take longer as I need to be monitored, but - although I am very grateful to be having it - hate to think I may be at the hospital for hours on end with subsequent doses.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tracy xx

Hi Tracy

Mine is an hour and a half of actually receiving the drug, but prob 3 hrs by time am hooked up and flushed and everything


Hi Tracy

I think the norm is around 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Firstly I have some saline solution passed through me, then the Herceptin and then some more saline to wash it through.

Ruby x

As said above, the actual herceptin is infused over 90 minutes but you have to have the saline before and after. The protocol for administering it is that you should be observed for 2 hours from the point the drug starts to go into you.

Sharon x

When I had my Herceptin on Wednesday I was told that new guidelines had come in whereby it would be administered in one hour rather than the 90 minutes it used to take. However, I dont know whether this peculiar to my hospital or is a wider guidelines.

Polly x

Hi Tracy

I went for my 16th out of 18 Herceptins this morning. It was super quick today - no waiting around. I got to the room about 9.30am and by 9.45am I’d had the saline solution and was hooked up to the Herceptin. I had the Herceptin for 60 minutes and then I had a 5 minute saline flush. After being de-hooked and making my next appointment I left hospital at 11.00am.

Jibby X

I always have the last appointment of the day due to now being back to work, mine lasts just over an hour with a flush before & after, the first one is always the longest one to see how you may react, but if no reaction you can have it over about 30/40 mins, I have only 4 to go so nearly finished. Hope it all goes well for you x

I have Tax and Herceptin together.By the time I’'ve waited to see Onc,got set up etc, I am in the hospital usually for about 5 to 6 hours! I didn’t realise it would take so long but The Linda McC unit is always really busy.

Thanks for all your replies, they are really helpful.

As I am back at work now, I think I will book the last appointment of the day so I don’t have to have a full day off.

Good luck to you all,

Tracy xxx