Herceptin not working

Still not heard anything about treatment, it’s the waiting thats getting to me!!!

Hugs Sharon xxxxxx

Just had phone call!!!
No trials on a moment, think one just finished. Next one should be March. Apparently Dr Dewar who heads up the trial had been trying to persuade the Drug company to give me the drug, unfortunately its a NO.

I will be starting Taxol tomorrow with a slight hope of getting on Trial in March, i.e if my situation gets worse :frowning:

So it’s back to weekly doses of Herceptin and Taxol

At least I know now whats happening.

Hugs to all
Sharon xxx

Hi Sharon,

Bloody awful situation to be in - especially not being able to tell your sister. How wonderful to have an onc like yours tho, mine is good but not as committed to ‘me’ as i’d like him to be. I don’t get the impression he would move heaven and earth. I hope something comes along soon for you - in terms of medication - . I am on 3 weekly herceptin - I didn’t realise you could have it weekly - and i would be really interested to know more about TDN1.

I do hope things go as well as they can for you though.

Take good care

Hi girls

Chemo went well yest, I feel fine except not sleeping with the Steriods, same happened last time, I’ll take sleeping tablet tonight.

Night girls xxx