Herceptin Re-load Dose

I had to take a break from Herceptin of 3 weeks. I’ve had 15 out of 18.

I have to choose whether to restart or not. Am I more likely to get a reaction by going back on it again do you think? I would need to have a re-load dose over 2 hours. I did not have a problem the first time around.


Hi moonwolf, i had to have a reloaded dose of herceptin after a break of 4 mths i only had 6 doses before i had a drop in heart function, im due my 3rd dose next after been reloaded and have had no reaction.My last heart scan shows my heart has improved even more than before starting the herceptin.But i was told if heart drops again they will stop altogether which im not happy about but hopefully i will get the 18 doses. Good luck on what ever you decide. julie x

I believe you only need a reload dose if the break is 4 weeks-I have herceotin every 3 weeks, and don’t need to be reloaded!