Herceptin SE - is it just me?

I have just had Herceptin 7 today. Within a couple of hours I had to go to bed as I felt really grotty. My chest was hurting and I felt really sleepy. I actualy put my bed clothes back on and got under the covers. This seems to be the same after each treatment.
Just wondering if anyone else gets a reaction after treatment, as when I first started the Herceptin I kept being told that there very few side effects, and I will hardly notice I have had it.

Hi cmw, I have just had my 17th herceptin and at the start I was just the same, it was like I had instant flu. My chest used to be so wheezy, one day we were in the lounge and hubby thought someone was shouting outside, but it wasn’t it was my chest wheezing lol I found after I was half way through the flu symptoms got easier. I still get really tired the first week, but I dont feel quite has poorly.
I hope things get better soon,so just do has I do, have a duvet day till you feel better.


Hi cmw

I have just finished my year of herceptin and I would say that after most of the treatments I had to go to bed for a snooze in the afternoon. I did take the piriton at first, but this made me more drowsy, so stopped, but was just as sleepy. I put it down to an influx of drugs into the system. As with all the treatments, listen to your body and if you need to have a sleep - do it. I didn’t have any flu like symptoms like you, but did and still do suffer from really achy joints and bone pain, but I’ve got used to it and it doesn’t hinder me in any way. Good luck