Herceptin - side affects


Looking for advice again - Is there anyone who has Colitis or IBD that is on Herceptin and has noticed that their colitis/IBD has got worse?

My mum has colitis and has had her second Herceptin infusion reently, for nearly 2 weeks she has had cramps on and off in stomach. Blood test shows no sign of inflammation. Could it be side affects from Herceptin? Can Herceptin cause stomach cramps? My Mum’s Onc even said it does not casue diarrhea but it says so info sheet!

Thanks in advance

Hi London09,

I am just coming to the end of my Herceptin. It amazes me how often I have been told that whatever I mention I am told “it is not a side effect of Herceptin” . In the end I investigated and found that indeed there are many side effects but most people are only troubled by a few. I don’t have Colitis or IBS but maybe I can help.

When you say stomach cramps do you mean in the stomach or the abdomen or actual cramp under the ribs.

I have had cramp ever since I started on Herceptin. Mostly it comes under my ribs, in my legs and occasionally in my hands. Cramp is not listed as a side effect.

Diarrhoea is listed as a side effect.I have it after every infusion. It lasts for about three or four days. I have learned to take Loperamide on the evening of my infusion and one in the morning and evening of the next two days and that sorts it out. People have to juggle and find the correct dose for them.

I hope this is of some help.


Thanks emmbee for your reply. Her cramps are in the tummy and now she is getting lower back ache - all feels a bit like period cramps. We are just trying to find the cause and wondering if it could be the Herceptin as it started around the same time.

Thanks again and i wish you well.

Hi ladies,
I just wanted to say that i am taking my 14th herceptin nxt week and i have suffered with aches and pains,particularly lower back pain and neck pain, I get periodic spasms in my tummy which feel like cramp.I was told to expect this xx