Herceptin Side Effects??


I have finished my chemo now and am undergoing radiotherapy. I have had 4 lots of herceptin now but only one on it’s own. I had the one on it’s own last week and for the last few days I feel as though I am on the edge of getting a cold or maybe flu. The feeling feels quite distanced if you know what I mean but just enough to make me feel slightly off colour. I am just wondering if anyone else who is on herceptin alone has had anything similar?

I have shocking hot flushes which is a lovely side effect from the tax that I had. But I also get really bad moments of being utterly freezing! I too am wondering if this is anything to do with herceptin.

Be great to hear from anyone.


Hi Bird,
Yeh, think it’s the herceptin. I’ve only had one, alongside Tax, but was warned of the flu like symptoms. A temperature, flushes and chills are not unusual apparently. But should only be for 48hrs!
Given what it is doing for us all though. - a small price to pay!
Ps I look like a bald, overweight, red sweaty blob at the moment- if it makes you feel any better!

Hi Tracey

Yeah I thought the side effects were only supposed to be short lived too. Mmmm maybe I should get my bloods checked next time I go. Maybe I am actually getting a cold then - joy. Keep throwing the vit c down my throat then.

I look like Gollum from lord of the rings!!! A rather sweaty one at times though! and a slightly over weight one!! I keep walking around the house saying “my precious!!” LOL!


Hee hee,
Get your laughs where you can! I am more George Doors than Gollum!
I’ve had a cough for the last couple of cycles- it really feels like adding insult to injury doesn’t it?
Encouraging that you have had no more side effects than that though. There don’t seem to be many posts about herceptin. How have you found the radio?


My chemo nurse told me to take paracetamol before herceptin as you get flu symptoms. Can’t say I have noticed them, but I do wonder if my nausea and metallic taste might be from herceptin. Thankfully both are resolving now…just in time for my next infusion on Tuesday. Hey ho…

Hope you feel better soon…I am more uncle fester, than gollum.


Hi again

Gollum, Uncle fester, George Doors! What an attractive bunch we are! LOL!!

Tracey the rads is just a breeze. Out of all the treatments this is defo the easiest. Lying down for 10 mins really is such a hardship! LOL! I’m really not phased by having my boobs out and complete strangers drawing on me any more! I get to wear a delicious pink tunic too! I think the only stressful part is finding somewhere to park!!! Only 17 more zaps to go and that will be over with too.


Hi Ladies,

I had 18 Herceptin and finished in July 2010. I was told that there would be little or no side effects. Actually there are loads of side effects but most people only get one or two.

The one that the medics are most concerned about are the heart problems. You should be being checked regularly for that.

I suffered from sneezing, running nose, coughing and cramp.
Seven months on and the only side effect I am left with is occasional abdominal cramp.

Hope this helps.


Hi Emmbee

Sneezing alot more than usual I have noticed and defo getting cramp - although mine is just in my left foot weirdly!

Having regular ECHOs and so far so good. Love the cute kitty in your profile photo. Sweet :slight_smile:

Hi, I have had 2 Herceptin, I too get cramp in my feet and sneeze quite a lot, so maybe that’s down to Herceptin. not a problem compered Chemo!