I had my first herceptin a week last Friday. I feel more tired than I have done of late has anyone else felt like this I have a bit of a cold so that might be it. Love Eileen

Hello Eileen

Yes I feel very tired sometimes these days and I assume it’s the Herceptin. Normal things make me more tired than they used to and sometimes I just have to have a litttle nap in the middle of the day.

Is your cold a real cold or perhaps the Herceptin runny nose? My onc warned me that I might have a runny nose for the year of Herceptin and I do - although it comes and goes.
Take care
Love Anthi

I have my Herceptin done at home in the morning (next one tomorrow) and I find I have to have a sleep in the afternoon and I’m a bit tired for a couple of days afterwards. Thankfully it’s a lot better than when I did Taxotere as I was wiped out for the whole 3 months. My first 3 Herceptin were given at the same time and my onc said they often find people get severe fatigue with the combination of the 2 together.

Forgot to say, I get the runny nose thing as well and was told this could last until I finish the course next April. My onc told me everyone she dealt with when they did the trials complained of this. I find it annoying to say the least, it’s a bit like that thing they call rhinitis and I have to make sure I have tissues all the time.

Thanks cherub and Anthi think I have a cold as sneezing now and feel really grotty. I haven’t had a runny nose just a bunged up one and a blinkin’ great scab appearing in me nose doh!!! Take care out there luv Eileen

Hi Eileen,

Hope you’re feeling better.
I had my first herceptin too last week and was very tired and flu like for a few days. Apparently this should get better for future treatments as the first dose they give you double the amount. Well heres hoping…

Rashpal x