Herceptin - worth having PICC line in?

Can anybody advise please as to whether Herceptin is hard on veins?
I have just finished chemo, FEC, and 3 x T with Herceptin. I am about to start Herceptin on its own. I had a PICC line in but it failed, got blocked, so was removed.
My question is - is it worth having PICC line put back in, just for Herceptin every 3 weeks x 15?
The veins in my chemo hand and arm are still sore and hard.
I am having surgery in 4 weeks - mastectomy - so will be able to use the other hand for Herceptin infusions.
But - is it worth the hassle of weekly flushes, awkward showering, for Herceptin alone? Does Herceptin harden the veins?
Thanks …Sue

Hi Sue,
if your onc agrees to it have a portacath instead. it is subcutaneous, you can shower, go swimming and the flush will be done at the same time as your herceptin.
I am on herceptin for life so my onc did not flinch when I asked for it, I know that some hospitals are more accomodating than others when it is just for a year.

I’ve just had herceptin no 11 and, like you, had to have my picc line removed because of an infection after 6 x fec and 3 herceptin. My veins aren’t particularly good but I really didn’t want to have another picc line as the weekly flushes felt like I was never away from the hospital. As long as the nurse can get the cannula in it certainly doesn’t seem to be hard on the veins. I have herceptin at home and one of the nurses who came just after the picc line was taken out took 5 attempts to get the cannula in but all the others have managed it first or second time - so I make sure I drink plenty the day before and on the day, have a very hot shower just before and put a hot water bottle on - seems to work for me!
I’d try a couple before making a decision - you can always ask for a picc lne if you have problems later

Sue, i had 3 x FEC and 3 x Tax - my veins were terrible by the end. But i am now on Herceptin no. 11 and most times my nurse manages to find a vein first time so I would see how you go.

Well, thanks for sharing your experiences. I had PICC line put back in this morning. Then herceptin through it this afternoon. PICC went in easier than last time.
Decision made as it means no more needles and can give the veins in my arm a chance to heal.
Ni side effects yet - it’s the first time I had herceptin on its own. Been given with docetaxol so far.

If your veins really won’t take the treatment then like Vercors says have a portacath rather than a picc line as it is under your skin so at far less risk of infection and won’t need to be flushed in between your herceptins. You will be able to swim, bathe and shower with it in, and totally invisible unlike a picc line. Life will be soooo much easier than playing ‘Hunt the vein’ every time you need to have chemo, herceptin or bloods taken.
Good luck!