Hi every one, i would like to ask if any one has had there cancer return while having Herceptin treatment ?
and if so what was done about it. XX

Hi Kippy
I have just completed my 18th Herceptin 2 days ago! Yay!!!
Unfortunately my best friend only managed to get 17 of her 18 and her cancer returned.
As you can imagine, Ive been terrified all the way through my own Herceptin, wondering if Id reach the end. But I have!!!
Why do you ask?
Mandy x

i asked on behalf of a friend who is on Herceptin at the moment, she felt a small lump in the other breast, and of course you panic. It was checked yesterday Mamo/ultra and was nothing sinister, thank god.
I joined this site in 2005 when i was diognosed with cancer i found the site so helpful. XX

Hello everyone-its been a while since I posted anything but would love your adivce/views.
I am currently on herceptin-get no 5 next week-and so far no problems with it. My treatment is adjuvant -ive had a 21mm tumour removed in September 2011, via WLE . HAD 6Xfec100 and 25 rads. I am hormone negative so its just herceptin for me FOR 1 YR.
At my results appointment I was so terrified that I did not take a copy of my pathology report-I am such a worrier that I thought I would just look up all the info on it on the internet and scare myself silly!!!. I was told that I had clear margins and that my lymph nodes were neg (I had a SNB). I feel stupid that I did not take a copy of the report as I am driving myself nuts wondering did I have vascualr invasion-they did not mention this to me and I have read that even if I had, the treatment plan would be just the same.
I am petrified that this returns-I cant stop thinking about it-sound familiar to anyone??? I wonder how did they choose the chemo regieme for me and why I was not offered a MX-infact, Im quite angry that I was not offered a MX as now I want both breats removed-this is going to be a job for me to convince them to let me have it done. I know I am strongly HER2positive and that my tumour was grade 3. On the other hand I know I should be thankful that the cancer had been removed and that my tratment is all preventative-soory for ranting on but these toughts are constantly with me- I am waiting for an appointment with my BC team but as they are taking forever due to long waiting lists.
Please tell me Im not going mad!