Hi all,
I am going to have my surgery in a few days. I have just been told that my tumour is er & pr negative. I know that the chances of being receptive to herceptin are about 20%. I just wondered how many of you lovely ladies were just receptive to herceptin?
Hope you are all ok

hi chatterbox,

I was one that was er & pr neg and her2 pos. But because I was dx 17 years ago that wasn’t known about then. It wasn’t till I was dx with secondaries that they told me and I have been on herceptin now for over 3 years.

Hi Dawn,
so you had nothing after your chemo and rads? I hate all this…if you asked me about breast cancer a few months ago I would have thought it was all so atright forward!!
Good to hear you have done so well for so long

I was dx in May. Having chemo then surgery then rads. I am er &pr neg but her2 pos so will have Herceptin after rads. My tumour was grade 3 aggressive.

Sharon x

Hi chatterbox - sorry that was probably a bit to brief - if only we still had profiles! I had several recurrences over the years and surgeries. So yes I suppose I had nothing after chemo & rads - just more chemo & rads !! In all I had first of all Mitomycin, Methotrexate and Mitozantrone, then 6 years later I had Epirubicin, Carboplatin & Flurouracil, then 2 yrs later Taxotere, then 2yrs later again - Capecitabine, then Navelbine - so altogether quite a cocktail. I now have extensive bone mets and am on regular herceptin & pamidronate (bisphosphonate). The secondaries I have had for 5 years, but am keeping very well.

Hi Dawn,
I am sorry. I took you too literally - sign of my ignorance! You have undergone quite a few treatments over the last 17 years.The future feels really bleak right now, and yet you say you have been keeping very well with bone secondaries…I am sorry if I appear niave I am just trying to make sense of it all

Hi chatterbox,

It is a lot to get your head around at the start. I don’t think you are naive at all - it is a huge learning curve for all of us. I hope I didn’t scare you with what I said. Remember that every single person is different in the course that their breast cancer takes - I think i just wanted to get across that even with so many recurrences - and the treatment is no fun - yet I would say I have had a lot of good times. Cancer of course is very much part of my life now and I have learned to live well with it.

lol Dawnhc

Hi Dawn,
It looks as though we are burning the midnight oil together. I have a glass of wine, but am off to bed soon! No you didn’t scare me. If anything you highlight that (the treatment maybe rough) BUT you are LIVING with cancer