Hercptin Appeal court decision!!!


Now lets hope for a speedy end to postcode lotteries on this subject.


Wonderful News yes, it’s wonderful news for us all. i am expecting news on funding from my PCT this week so i hope this ruling will persuade them to give me the go ahead. Local PCT’s in Wales are providing funding for Herceptin in early stage breast cancer but unfortunately i didnt fit into the guidelines/criteria they have set so whilst my onc has recommended it he has had to apply under the exceptional circumstances route. dont know if this decision will make a difference to those guidelines but it will go a long way towards it i am sure…

Hi Hatter Am surprised about your comment on your local Welsh PCT.

Thought I saw an item yesterday relating to the fact that Welsh authority had agreed to fund Herceptin in early BC cases. Believe a Cons. MP was planning to raise the fact that women from Wales and England were being treated in same hospital with Herceptin but English women had to pay while women living in Wales got free treatment under the Welsh HA.

Must admit that the whole situation now is sooo crazy that you lose track of who funds what - or even who still has some staff :slight_smile:

Good luck as I really hope the court decision will finally put the Post Code lottery on Herceptin to bed.


who knows what to think… Hi Challsi
you are right that wales do fund Herceptin but i get a bit angry sometimes that people automatically think everyone who needs it will get it. You will get it if you meet ‘their’ criteria. e.g. if i was grade 3 with node involvement there would be no question but (thankfully) i was grade 2, average size (2.5)lump with no node involvment as we caught it early enough for it not to have spread. i am strongly HER 2 positive, er & pr positive, have completed chemo and now on rads and onc feels it is the next course of treatment for me given my HER status. the media etc would have us all believe that everyone in wales will get the treatment but alas this is not the case so we have to apply under this exceptional circumstances i.e. 37 years old with young children…we shall see. thanks for the interest

Really peed off to hear that Hatter You are right, the media are so misleading, on a par with the “all clear”, so I can imagine how angry and frustrated you must get about craz questions like mine coz I would be same in your situation.

Does this mean that coz of devolution you could still be caught in the “exceptional circumstances” trap despite today’s ruling ?

Really hope this is not the case as I thought, for once, the court made a telling comment which was “this will not open the floodgates as only a limited number of people will benefit from Herceptin”.

Everyone seems to forget that this drug “may” only benefit those who are HER2 pos, and that is only estimated to be about 20% of BC people.

Best of luck with your Oncs application, I hate unfairness and inequality in any form and when it comes to health treatments, it makes me even angrier that anyone should think one circumstance is more deserving than another - obviously an idealist at heart - or simply naive :).

Take care/Siggy

Post code lottery I have Grade 3 BC, with no node involvement, and have been given excellent prognosis by my surgeon, but i am HER2+, my surgeon’s exact words to me after patholgy results were, take the Herceptin and waste it to give you the best chance, Why am i getting it so easily, (im not complaining) when there are women being refused or having to fight for it in my situtaion, it is so wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to happen when peoples lives are at stake. What can we do about it??