Here We Go Again!

Please excuse the waffle but please bear with me.
I found a lump in my left breast Christmas 2009, saw my GP got referred, had mammo etc - all fine, just hormonal change. I am 40 by the way.
Christmas 2010 I found another v similar lump in the same place. This time I had a needle biopsy and was told there were ‘irregular cells present’. I had most of the lump removed for a core biopsy and was told it was benign on 23rd Dec - hurrah!
New Years Day this year I found another lump this time in my right breast. 2 needle biopsies later I was told that this was benign too and my consultant told me that the lumps were just due to hormones and would come and go depending on the time of the month, which indeed has happened since. He also told me at the time that I had an ‘increased predisposition to Breast Cancer’ - he didn’t go into any details as to exactly what this means however - he is not the easiest person to deal witt, to say the least!
Guess what - yes another lump has appeared this time back in my left breast where the lump with ‘irregular cells’ was. This time it has hung around beyond my period.
To add to my faff, I am lucky (?!) to have BUPA with my job so saw the consultant through them. It turned out however that with a total of 3 needle biopsies and 1 core I ‘overspent’ my allowance and ended up forking out a couple of hundred quid for the experience. Also we are about to move away from the area in July.
So (finally I get to my point!! - thank you for bearing with me!!)… do I worry about this new lump and pester my GP yet again or do I just assume that it is the same as the others. Do I wait until I move and if it is still there go and see my new GP?
I think what is niggling me most is that I now know 2 people who have Breast Cancer and they have both said that they have had several lumps over the years - is this the one I need to worry about or am I worrying unnecessarily.
Thank You!!

Can’t offer any advice on the lumpiness, as mine is the type that doesn’t form a lump. But it sounds to me as if you wouldn’t be at peace if you don’t get this checked out, especially after what the doc said about being predisposed. But only you will know if you could.

Along with my ‘invasive’ stuff I have some LCIS - lobular carcinoma in situ - which really needs to be renamed as it is not cancer, not even pre-cancer, but does point to a slightly increased risk and I’m wondering if this is what they found on your last biopsies. Thye should have informed you though if that was the case.

Good luck with your decision, nothing is easy in this area.

Hi Annie

You may find it useful to talk this through with one of our helpliners, they can offer you further support and information, please call 0808 800 6000, the lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

Hi Annie
I’m sorry to hear you’re in this position - just wondering if you have a GP that you have a decent relationship with, that you can talk to? If I were you, I think I would want it checked out. Maybe if you go via NHS you might see a different consultant and one who will discuss the issue fully with you. I hope that this turns out to be benign and you are able to get on with your life, but if not, you know you can come here for support - there are lots of us many years from diagnosis on here.
best of luck - I’ll be thinking of you xxx

Thank you all for your comments. I haven’t really had cause to see my GP a lot until now and now this will be the 4th time I would have to see him about my lumps! I just don’t know what to do as I don’t want to be a pain, nor do I particularly want to see this consultant who does NHS as well as private work - I can’t imagine I would be able to say I don’t want to be seen by him or can I?
I may wait to see what happens over the next month or so by which time I will be too busy faffing with the move and will worry about it when we are down in the new place.
Thank you again!

hi annielan, i think with any lump regardless of prior appointments and results its important to get any new one checked out , a friend of mine has the same problems as you with any new lumps showing irregularities but not cancer , however she is requested at the hospital every 6 months to ensure cancer cells are still absent and not beginning to form , you dont need to worry about being a nuisance ,this is your body and your life xx