Here we go! Neoadjuvant chemotherapy starts 27 April 2015

After what seems to have been an age to determine a plan, start chemotherapy on Monday. Just wondered who else is starting this journey April/May 2015 and anyone else having it neoadjuvant?

Good luck for Monday. I’m seeing Oncologist on 30th so likely to be starting early May. This is the part I’m dreading most but know it will be doable and worth it in the end. Take care and keep in touch. Jules xx

Hi Jules nice to chat with you again hope you are doing ok. Yes can’t say I am looking forward to the chemo but feel that something is being done at last. The oncologist & oncology nurse have told me what can be expected but just praying the side affects are minimal as they are for some people. Beautiful day today so a walk in order in attempt to keep those nerves at bay. Hope your appointment goes well on Monday & that you are are soon on your next step of the journey. Speak soon xx

Hi Sheila, yes no surgery as yet. Good luck for the 6th. Keep in touch xxx

Hi again Jules just re read my earlier reply to you, obviously meant NOT looking forward to starting chemo!! Xx

Hi Bernie my chemo is neoadjuvant started 23rd April
If all goes well ill be having EC x 4 then docetaxel x 4

Hello Hannah just replied to you on the other thread & mentioned this thread but you already found it. Still sending you that big hug! xxx

Good luck today Bernie, hope all goes well for you xx

Hi Jules & La La. Thank you for your good wishes for today. So far so good the only thing I had was a feeling if being punched in the nose as the last batch went in, apparently this can happen for some people. I am home now and feel absolutely fine fingers crossed it will last… Living in hope!! It seems you both won’t be far behind me starting so good luck & speak soon xxxxxx Hannah I hope you are ok xxxx

Good to hear it was not as awful as anticipated!
Do they give you any sedatives/pain killers beforehand?
Get any funny tastes etc?
Desperate thirst etc?

How long was treatment start to finish?

Am compiling a list of what to bring with me… portable DVD and box sets that I’ve never had time to watch are on it! (Breaking Bad all 5 series and catch up on Seasons 3&4 of The Walking Dead should get me through a few cycles… but knowing me I’ll be chatting to everyone!!)

Hi LA LA I had EC and a nurse was sat with Me the whole time as thy needed to push through the chemo through syringes. I just had a friend reading a magazine out to me. I had some anti sickness and a steroid before. The steroid gave me a prickly sensation near my bum which I was assured is normal and when thy started the ‘C’ of the EC I got a metallic taste in my mouth which I was told was normal too. Apart from that the session was just sat in the chair couldn’t really feel anything different going on… felt a bit light headed by the end of it xxxx

Hi lala thanks for asking :slight_smile: I have been feeling better today and managing to eat a bit more - can only bring myself to eat junk food… Went to the shop and bought the most horrifying basket I have ever bought but its all I can face eating. I’m not even that big a fan of junk food!!! Felt a bit depressed this morning I just wanted to hide in bed but I felt better for getting out for a little bit around lunch time.

I have been watching breaking bad over the past month. I have just finished Series 3, it is really good :slight_smile: how’re you? Do you feel prepared for Thursday?

Bernie I hope you’re still doing well?


I don’t know if I’ve had too much or too little time to google ref chemo/side effects/ comimentary therapies!
Getting myself in a tiz because I’ve found 2 cominentary treatments that counterract side effects but suspect from what I’ve read that the oncologist won’t support them.
Pees me off that we have to suffer awful debitating side effects in UK when folk in Germany and Spain have free access to natural solutions.

(Can someone explain to me the benefits of being in the EU?)

Let’s see how progressive my oncologist is.

So glad you feel better today.
I heard from one of the girls in our ‘results’ thread and she got the all clear. Nice to hear good news!

The frantic googling does subside and its best not to Google really. My advice on complimentary therapies is to speak to people who know what they’re on about… I.e.the haven or the complimentary therapy people at the hospital. You never know how much or how little the side effects will have on you xxx
Glad to hear some good news :smiley: x

Hi all, glad you are up & about better Hannah. My experience so far has been much like Hannah nurse fed the chemo through. Had the same itch on the first, nothing significant on the 2nd that I remember. The third made my arm ice cold, common affect like the itch apparently, the lovely nurse warmed my arm up for me! At the very end I had the very strangest feeling in my nose it resembled the feeling of being accidentally hit by someone’s elbow. Apparently some people can get this. I think it affected me because unfortunately I do suffer from bad migraine that I already take a Px daily med for & a rescue med for. I did later get a migraine that to be perfectly honest was hell for 27 hours kept me up all night. Migraine gives me nausea & sickness anyway which I had (though wasn’t physically sick). I had been prescribed a stronger antiemetic because of my migraines, you will be prescribed an antiemetic La-La & Sheila to take beforehand. I had to take it an hour before the chemo & one yesterday & one for the third day. Also have another antiemetic to take PRN and steroids for 3 days. Nurse came today with cell booster injection it was fine. I really think if it hadn’t been for the migraine I would have been ok. Had to ring the helpline to see if there anything else I could take alongside my usual meds & copious amount of ibuprofen, paracetamol & codeine. I think oncologist will Px something for next session. All in all despite this it wasn’t as bad as thought & truly believe the migraine was the evil culprit! The actual session took about an hour. I just chatted to the nurse, student & OH who took the afternoon off to come with me. I have a wig appointment booked this afternoon hope I can make it been awake since 4 hope I don’t fall back asleep! Re appetite I have been only able to eat today & just toast with soup I seem to have a heightened sense off smell that puts me off! Good luck at appointment 30th Jules & La La and to you Sheila next week. Hope this info has helped and not the opposite affect! I’m not well up with the complementary meds although I have seen some info on a few at the hospital. I would just discuss with your oncologist I know there can be some contraindications with aromatherapy oils & such like. Keep smiling Hannah! Onwards & upwards xxx

Hi Bernie so glad to hear you’re doing OK despite the horrendous migrane!!!
I have had the sensitivity to smell too I have been making people eat in a different room to me… My housemate was baking a cake and even that smelt horrid to me, that’s when I knew it was a problem with side effects not the food smelling bad hahaha.
I’m on day #6 and woke up very early felt awake but fell back asleep for a few hours now I feel wiped out, getting to the loo was an effort!! Was also starting to feel a bit of heartburn last night so think that side effect is creeping up on me too. Hopefully this is just a morning blip and I will feel better later on. Glad to hear you were taking pain relief… I felt achey from being sick on night #1 but wasn’t sure if I was allowed paracetamol so rode it out at the time… Now I know to have some xxx

Sounds exactly like morning sickness! I had 3 months of ‘bionic nose’… totally random what would set me off!
I could only stomach pineapple, strawberries, plain pasta and veggies! Could not eat meat for 3 mths!

Have you checked out chemo threads? Loads of great tips on what to eat/drink (pineapple ice lollies and lemon in water seem top tips… anything high in vitamin c recommended.

Folk say you put on weight with chemo… is that because you crave junk food?
I’m going to have to ban crisps from the house!

Sugar is not good for you (cancer feeds on it!)

Great tips on caring for your mouth on here and Macmillans. Apparently gets really sore.

Did you both get nausea?
What anti-emetics did you get?

I pass out when I throw up, so need top dose of anti-emetics!! Dreading being sick!! I just black out. Can convulse too! (Not nice for 11 year old to find mummy convulsing on the bathroom floor! Plus it’s marble… I’ll have to take to wearing a crash helmet!

Hi Sheila

From what the girls below say, the nurses will sit with you, and there may be others there also having it… I think it varies… but I am sure you will not be alone

I think we may all have to play it by ear as to how it makes us feel. But it does not seem long as I thought it would be (1 hour from below thread for actual treatment… that’s one episode of Breaking Bad!!)

Just read my previous posts and realise my P, L and M repeatedly do not work on my iphone!!! SO many typos!!

Hi Hamnah yes I took lots of pain relief but didn’t really work just had to ride it through I think. Just give your team a ring & check all ok to take if need it. I did think the same re being like morning sickness La La and Sheila I did invest in new thermometer not used it yet as don’t think I have picked anything up. Managed wig appointment think they thought me a complete loon I was so tired and my brain totally mashed! A good thing I have noticed is the pain from sentinel lymph node biopsy has subsided since starting chemo & can straighten my arm again, wonder if it’s the steroids? Re piutting weight on I always thought any drug that caused that was because it increased appetite but I’ve hardly eaten & feel bigger already my face is
chubbier :frowning: I think it’s the steroids. The exhaustion today was awful probably due to no proper sleep for 2 nights hoping will sleep better tonight and I’m not doing a thing tomorrow!

Poor you.
Is it worth asking if you can get sleeping tablets? (I know, more drugs! But sleep is critical… I had 3 nights of sleeplessness last week and felt physically sick/terrible (no focus) … and that is without chemo!
You need to get your sleep sorted and you will feel a lot better just from that. Ask your BCN?