Hertford - secondary breast cancer

I am 39 single mum, was first diagnoised with breast cancer in Dec 2009 - had lump removed, chemo and radiotheraphy. Was told I would be ok. Anyway just been told it is back in my lung. I really need to speak to others in the same situation as me as I am feeling so alone.

Dear samb72

I am sorry to read about your new diagnosis, please feel free to call our helpliners for further support, here you can talk your concerns through with someone in confidence and they will be able to talk to you about support BCC can offer you, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000.

I am posting a link to the BCC secondaries information page where you will find further information and support:


Take care

Hi there,

Although I do not have a secondary diagnosis, I do live in Hertford, if you want to meet up for a chat. I do meet up regularly with a group which includes ladies with secondaries.

PM me - I’m around tomorrow if you just want to meet for a coffee or something in town.

Thinking of you and lots of hugs xx