hey all

Hi i found a lump a few weeks ago after going to the doctors with it on tuesday got an instant appointment at the breast care unit at the hospital for 2 days after had a ultrasound on it and then a biopsy taken straight after get my results thursday
i was a bit taken back by how quick it all is
im only 25 and really scared i keep thinking how rare it is in people my age but there is the other part of me totally nervous and just dont know what to do with my self

Hi there
Just seen your post. Hope everything went well with your biopsy.
Waiting for results is the worst thing.
Will keep my fingers crossed that you have nothing to worry about.
Sue xxxx


Bum. You have been through the mill and back.

Try not to panic about the speed of things- it doesn’t mean they are especially concerned it’s just that they have to do things in a particular time, 2 weeks seems to be the limit for everything, but obviously they’ll strive to do things as quickly as poss.

You’re bound to be scared, waiting is the worst time, but it will pass - promise.

In the meantime try not google your symptoms, by the time you’ve finished you’ll have everything under the sun! And you’re right - it is rare in your age group and most lumps (regardless of age) turn out to be nothing.

Try and enjoy your weekend. X

I do hope it all works out ok, and you’re right your chance of it being bc is very small.
Sending you big hugs

hi, yes it does all happen quickly. Its like being hit by a sledgehammer. There is such a lot to take in.

the waiting till thursday is going to be very hard.Hold onto the fact that 9 out of 10 of breast changes in all ages are benign and for the you the odds are better.

Its good that you found this site. everyone is supportive and will answer question or just listen to your fears.

did you see that there is a young persons section

sorry i didnt respond yesterday keep trying to keep myself busy i will quite possibly have the worlds cleanest home by thursday lol
thankyou all for your kind words really cheered me up when i needed it :smiley:
i didnt see a young persons section but will have a mooch around for it
i hope everyone is having a good weekend :smiley: