hi all im a little worried(going out of my mind)

im 29 mum of 3,xmas eve i found a pea size lump went straight docs he asked me about discharge which i have been getting clear discharge 4 about 6months,he asked if i get any pain which i have been having 4 a while i didn’t no that this was relited to bc but he told me not to worry because of my age but he has referred me to the breast clince im so scared!butshould i be or should i listen to the doc. any advice would be most helpful going out my mind waiting 4 the appointment x thanks x


Please try not to be too worried. I know that is easier said than done, but let’s hope your appointment comes thro as soon as possible, so you don’t have to wait too long. Nobody can say what it is until you have had some tests done. At our clinic I had a mammogram (a bit uncomfortable, but nothing to worry about), ultrasound scan and X-ray. I guess yours will be similar. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope that it will be nothing serious. You did the right thing in going to the doc.

Sending you my best wishes x

Hi Hemmalee
The waiting is the hardest part but try to remain postive. I only had to wait 10days for my mammogram & then saw consultant a few days later. I know it is different in every area but the one thing I have noticed from reading these forums is that we are seen as quickly as possible where ever we live.
I has a phone call to advise appointment times so don’t worry too much about the post over the bank holiday.
I hope it turns out fine and remember we are all here for you.

Hi Hemmalee
just wanted to say you have done the right thing in going straight to your GP and thankfully they have done the right thing in referring you straight on. The experiences on here - and mine, are that we have been seen quickly, and many of the breast units are ‘one stop shops’ where you get all the tests in one afternoon and get results quickly.
There’s no one who isn’t scared by the thought of all of this, and I think we would all say that waiting for tests and results is the pits, but we are here for you and will all be rooting for you and hoping you soon get great news. Let us know how you get on
take care
love, monica xx

Hi Hemmalee, Yes, you are scared but you have done the right thing by going to you GP and it is good that he/she has referred you to the hospital where experienced staff can take care of you. It is best to get your pea-sized lump checked out. Hopefully it will be ok but if not you have found it early and will be on the road to recovery soon. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Love Val