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Hi everyone…I am very new to this but I read so many inspirational stories that I feel I must call on your help please. My sister is 46 and last august 09 she was diagnosed with breat cancer with secondaries to the lungs and bone…she started chemo which finished in dec last year and up until now has been doing so good. approx 2 weeks ago she started to feel unwell…tired and off her food and being sick…she was due scan results that friday so we were fearing that it had spread/got worse. The results actually came back brilliant and showed there had been no significant changes. But why did she feel so ill? she gradulally got worse and last saturday her daughter and myself took her to A&E where she was admitted for a chest infection. First they said it was this and then they thought she had a problem with her heart…had her heart tested and all was fine. so now we are none the wiser they have tried her on various antibiotics and nothing seems to be clearing this infection up…she is weak and off her food but seems to be in good spirits. I say it’s a infection as she has a temperature that keeps changing and her inflamation markers are high which indicates a infection, well this is what they. we are so worried about her. any ideas please???

Sorry to hear your sister is poorly. I’m afraid I don’t have any words of wisdom but am 'bumping this up in hopes that someone may have something useful.
Have you contacted your sisters onc, it may be worth keeping them in the picture to see if they want to doany further tests.It may well be a very persistent infection but I do understand your concern. I hope all gies well for your sister.

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Have they checked her for TB. I know its on the increase and one of my friends was dx with it not too long ago?