Hi - Anyone from Dundee / Angus?

This is my first post, and I’m hoping to hear from others who are in / have been in my situation. I’m waiting on results from the hospital from a core biopsy taken a few days ago, as the consultant described my lump as suspicious and worrying, although not 100% sure if it is cancer or not yet. Lots of things going through my head - scared of course, love to hear from anyone anywhere as well as anyone close by. I think this kind of forum is such a good resource, especially since my partner is finding it difficult to talk about it, and I can’t burden my elderly parents with this. Sometimes you just need to let off STEAM! Well that’s how I feel anyway.

Hi, I’m from Edinburgh. I hope that the results of your test were OK. I have just had surgery to remove largish area of pre-cancerous cells and a small tumour. I have to say the the more I read the more confused I get. Am waiting to find out results from surgery.
Can appreciate what you are saying about needing to let off steam. I find that my husband tries to be helpful but misses the mark. I have one teenage daughter who is being incredibly helpful and another who is not. I would really like to meet other people who are going through the same experience.

Nice to hear from someone else in Scotland - Hurray! I can relate to your confusion about reading / trying to get to grips with info. I now don’t look ahead or read any more than I need to know for now. My results came back as positive for BC, my lump is Grade 3, which is apparently invasive and quite fast growing, however good news is it is caught early, and I’m booked to have it removed on Wednesday at Perth, although my follow up treatment will be at Ninewells in Dundee. I was really terrified to begin with,(came as total shock and had horrible experience of my local GP accidently telling me the news over the phone while I was at work) but now that I know what’s happening I have been feeling a bit better about it all. My consultant has offered me the choice of having all or just some of my lymph nodes removed, which is making me feel confused. How do I decide?! Did you have any / all lymph nodes removed? Good luck with your results, and also good luck with the actual waiting for the results too. I hope it’s not too long before you get them. That’s very very hard in itself. My husband was originally (I was going to say unsupportive, but it wasn’t really that, it’s just that he didn’t understand my fear and my instinct that I did have BC), however he has surprised me since my diagnosis and it has really helped. I think it must be stressful for partners to get to grips with, even if they don’t show it in obvious ways. You are from Edinburgh? I have heard that the hospital in Edinburgh, (Western General is that right?) is one of the very best in UK for BC - my husband’s brother-in-law was a GP in Edinburgh for a number of years and says it is held in the highest regard. Small consolation I know, as it is simply cr*p to have BC in the first place, but hopefully this is worth knowing for you and offers some reassurance. I told my 14 year old daughter a couple of days ago and mentioned the C word but tried to keep it as positive as poss (they’ve caught it early, I’m not worried etc) and my 10 year old son only knows I’m going to have a ‘wee lump’ removed - it worked for them and both seem Ok with it, almost indifferent, and not worried. I think it has helped me too once my family know, and almost ‘normalises’ it all. My parents don’t know. My Dad is in his 80’s (I’m 44) and has his own problems and I don’t want my Mum to panic and go to pieces which is what i suspect she would do. I’ll consider telling them after the op and depending on results etc. Really glad you got in touch. I will add you to my contact list and hope you do keep in touch with me. Our paths are quite similar so far. I wish you the best possible news for your results I really do. Good luck
Gwen x

Hi Gwen,
I have just finished my treatments for a grade 3 breast lump which was diagnosed last April /May so I know what you are going through and wish you the best of luck. I had my surgery at Ninewells last June and then had Chemo and finally 23 sessions of radiotherapy. It has been a long journey and now I am on Arimidex for 5 years which unfortunatly has its own problems. Have you been to the Maggie Centre at Dundee? If you want I would be able to share your fears / worries, let off steam to and help you get through this tough time. My husband although supportive didn’t quite understand my fears it’s a difficult thing unless you have been through it.
Hope to hear from you soon and I hope all went well with the operation.
Best wishes.
Jane x

Dear Jane, I have sent a message to your inbox - hope you get it. I have heard varying reports of the Maggie Centre, but would be interested to know your own opinion. Gosh you have been through the mill one way and another, but it sounds like you’re coming out the other end now. Hope you will keep in touch, I’d like to hear about your experiences.

Hello Gwen,
Good to hear from you I have sent a messaage to your inbox. I hope the op went well and you aren’t feeling too sore do you still have your drain in? When do you go back to see the consultant. I hope we are able to keep in touch and give support to each other. We’ll get through this.
Take care
Love Jane x


i was dx with DCIS, High Grade, had a mastectomy with reconstruction (tummy tuck) last october and after a shaky start all has gone well and i havnt had to have any follow up treatment. i visited and still visit the maggie’s centre at ninewells and have found it a great place to go and get help. i have kids as well who have all been a great support. the youngest who is 12 seemed to take it well but after the parent/ teachers meetings recently, i realised that all his marks were substantially down in october and at the moment he seems to need kisses and hugs all the time. hubby has had his blips!! but in general he has been very supportive. it has been some of the comments from friends n family which although mean well are not so easy to deal with. i am back at work now and that is another ball game altogether. take care.

Hi peggysue,
Sorry to hear about your 12 year old and school, unfortunatly families are all affected by this dam disease, and we all need hugs kisses and reassurance. Hope things are getting better.
I went back to work this last week as a phased return and was exhausted after my first half day, I hope this will improve as time goes on but as I am on Arimidex and trying to cope with its side effects is difficult. Are you on any cancer type drugs if so how do you cope?
Keep well.
Jane x

hi jane, i have managed to escape having to take any drugs so i dont have to cope with that but i had a phased return to work and i was exhausted for weeks! i just had to accept that i needed to sleep/ rest as much as possible so i worked in the mornings and then collapsed at home in the afternoons. it almost felt like a backwards step but it does eventually improve, my family were very supportive as i wasnt always in the best of fettle!! i did and still do get very frustrated when i cant do things at the speed that i did before. going back to work was also a learning curve emotionally as i work in a large organisation so i have had all sorts of comments and ‘helpful’ info from colleagues on my situ. all very well meaning but that can also be very tiring on your spirit!! its good to speak to people who have been thro this as well as its the same old story that if you havent been there, its very difficult to understand all the emotions that you go thro. hope all goes well with your return to work.

Hi Peggysue,
Its nice to know that we are not alone in fighting this disease and there are other people out there feeling the same that we can talk to. I’ve been back at work now for two weeks just for half days, which is all I can cope with at the moment, I come home and rest for the rest of the day. Everyone at work is very pleased to see me and like you I work in a large organisation where some know what I have been off with and have been supportive. Some people look and think where have you been? I’m hoping the side effects of Arimidex will ease with time as getting up in the morning is hard going as every joint is stiff and sore until I get going.
My family and friends have been so supportive but its hard to explain how I feel sometimes and how I will cope when I go back full time.
Take care and keep well.