Hi....Anyone from Gloucester?

Hi, I live in Gloucester, treated at GRH and Cheltenham Oncology, anyone else live in this area?


Hi Karen

I live in Worcester, had my rads at Cheltenham and chemo at Worcester.

I have a great husband and 2 children a daughter 12, and a son who is 7. they have helped me through this .

i work as a mental health nurse in a recovery unit in Worcester, but had most of 2008 off sick, i could not work through the treatments, it would have been too much, i needed to concentrate on the family first.

I had my SNB first then chemo, and the op then rads, hopefully all ok no more treatment at present, just yearly mammograms. Have some oedema in the breast and had sore veins in my chemo arm which flares up now and again.

Take care

Hello Karen and Sarah.

I live in Evesham (near Worcester) and was treated at Worcester with rads at Cheltenham. Op was January last year and rads in March/ April and tomorrow I have my first mammogram and scan which I’m not looking forward to. Found a “lumpiness” in the affected breast which BCN thinks is scar tissue or cysts, but quite painful so I’m hoping mammo won’t be too uncomfortable.

Hope you are both well and trying to put this all behind you.


Just thought I’d say ‘hi’!

I used to live in Malvern - was treated in both Cheltenham and Worcester.

Sarah66 - I bumped some threads for you on the lymphoedema board - before the new website was lauched - did you manage to catch them?



Hi I also live in Worcester and was treated at Worcs / Cheltenham 2 years ago next March. Feeling really well now and life feels almost back to normal.
Was anxious about 1st year follow ups but much less so now. I think its true when they say time heals


I live in Tewkesbury had chemo and radiotherapy at chelt and operations at Glos Royal in 2006, now on tamoxofan 6 monthly checks, only now get concerned near these appt dates, otherwise life is back too normal.


Hi karen I live in gloucester I am scottish but have lived in glos. for 27yrs.I have been looking for a suport group in the area that I could join do u know any.


Hi, I live in Gloucester. Finished my treatment in February 2008. Had wide excision and SNB, chemo and rads at Cheltenham. Usually I’m fine but recently I’ve had a lot of pain in the affected breast and am now worried. Have appointment with the BC nurse next week and consultant week after. I am a nurse at Worcester Hospital. I don’t often visit the site but have done recently again as I find it does offer support and I usually feel a lot more positive after visiting and reading the messages on the forums.

Hi I shall be moving to Gloucester soon. Does anyone know what the support is like for lymphoedema which sadly I have developed?

Hi Starfish
The BC nurses at Gloucester are lovely and very supportive. However, very busy and don’t always follow up on things! I had some advice last year for lymphodema and was advised to have physio for a back problem due to the radiotherapy but I never did hear anything. But then I could have chased it up myself, when you see the inside of the oncology centre and hospital out patient departments for several months you do think, it’s not that bad and tend to suffer a bit rather than spend more time in the hospital.

I did receive a video which was helpful and showed me how to carry out self massage. The only problem was you are supposed to do it 8-10 times a day, when you work full time and have a family I’m afraid that usually amounts to once or twice a week!! Which isn’t really helpful.

Hope you’re move to Gloucester goes okay.


Hi Starfish

What a bummer for you. If you need a private lymphoedema therapist at any time, pm me and I can give you the details of an excellent one not too far away from where you will be living.

Gail, 8-10 times a day for SLD!!!..no way would I let lymphoedema run my life like that. Do these people think we have nothing else to do all day except pander to our arms? There’s a limit. I do it once a day, in the morning, for about 15 mins, plus a few stretches, deep breaths and the laser, then it’s sleeves and I’m on my way rejoicing. If I remember I might do a few shoulder rolls at some point.

Apart from that, I take concentrated grapeseed extract (believed to support the lymphatics). Oh yes, and I always sleep with my left (worst) arm uppermost and well supported, particularly at the elbow.

Good luck with the move Starfish. Hope all goes smoothly and that the weather is kind that day, too.



h,i starfish i also moved to gloucester i have been here a while ould like to wish u well with your move I am looking for support group in gloucester or just meet up with some like minded ladies for a coffee and some mutual support and mybe have a laugh if u have any ideas please let me know i am feeling very isolated a the moment maud

Hi Maud
I’m sorry you are feeling so isolated. It is difficult if you move to a new area to live. I have lived in Gloucester for almost 30 years after moving here when I was 14! such a long time ago. It takes a long time to settle and sometimes I still feel a bit of an outsider. The people from Gloucester are lovely, if a little difficult to get to know! I would be interested in meeting others for a coffee/glass of wine in the Gloucestershire area sometime. How long have you lived in Gloucester?
Best wishes

hi karen it was great of you to reply to me it was such a buzz for me but i was leaving the next day on holiday and didnt have time to reply before i leftand now i cant find ur reply so i would bbe realy grateful if you could get back in touch id love to meet up with u and anyone else in glouoster for coffee/glass of wine i live in linden area and am available most days if anyone else would like to meet up the more the merrier

hi emeraldeyes thank for rosponse i have been in gloucester 4 27yrs but dont think it the most friendly place but i am quite shy person so it could just be me’ would you be interested in meeting up 4 a coffee /wine sometime it would be nice if it could be arranged 4 as many ladies who would like to meet could come to .i live in linden area spend a lot of time in tuffley dnd enjoy nights out at the pyke and musket 4 dinner and drink

Hi Maud
Thanks for your message. I live in Quedgeley and have been to the Pike and Musket a few times over the years with a couple of friends. I wouldn’t mind meeting for a chat and a glass of wine sometime. Perhaps Karen who you mentioned in your other message would like to meet also. It is awkward sometimes talking openly to friends and family as I don’t want to worry them, I keep smiling and pretending I’m great, even though sometimes I have really dark moments when I’m sure things aren’t right, of course they are but it’s difficult to always remain positive.
Of course I don’t think we should meet and worry ourselves sick about what’s happened or may happen. But it’s sometimes easier if someone has been through the same things to talk openely.
Let me know if you want to meet and we can arrange an evening.
I work Monday-Friday day times.
Best wishes Gail

Hi mauld and emerald eyes , i 2 live in glos , well forest o dean , had treatment at chelt 18mths ago , now trying 2 get on wid life lol , well as best as can . wud b great 2 all meet up as feel totally isolated at times … avent posted on ere 4 a while , suppose im a bit like a ostrich if i dont talk bout it it aint happened !!!

hi queenie nice to hear from you i finished my treatment in march i am on hormone tabs with all side affects they come with and still very new to it all and cant get my head around whats been going on.its would be good to meet other ladies as i to feel isolated and very unsure about whats normal and whats not hope we can all arrange something i dont work at the moment so i can be flexable about days and times but i know some ladies do.hope you are all having a good day

hi emeraldeyes nice to hear from you i have just reply to karen and she to is interested in meeting up thats 3 of us hope we can sort something.as i said to karen i never used a computer bifore bieng dx so it does take me a while to find things on here.so i will just muddle on hope you are ok.