Hi, anyone in the Hull area

Hi, this is my first post, not sure where to begin. I have read lots of topics on this site and you ladies are very helpful and understanding. Hope I am in the right place! Had routine mammogram 9 Dec, 20th Dec had biopsy/ultrasound, 3 Jan diagnosed with small lump right breast, 23 Jan had tumor removed and surrounding area, back in on 20 Feb further tissue removed as had pre cancerous cells. On Tuesday I was advised the best thing for me was to have mastectomy to make sure all these cells were removed. Surgeon did not want to do any more invasive procedures. My worries now are what options to take. I am so confused, keep having “moments” reading all your comments. I would be grateful if anyone could help me feel more positive about this. I am torn between no boob and a prostheses and an implant done done at the same time but am now feeling pretty nervous. I have been really strong and positive up to now much to the amazement of my daughters (they took it worse than me !)


I’ve been treated at Castle Hill, presumably that’s where you’re going? I have had expander implants (double mastectomy last March) and had the permanent implants put in last week. Next stop, nipple reconstruction and tattoos! I found it hard at the beginning when you first have to decide what to do, everythings new and scary, although in the end it was decided for me because I turned out to be BRCA1. If it helps I can say that I am pleased with the results so far and have nothing but praise for the staff at Castle Hill. If you have any particular questions I’ll be glad to try and answer them,


Hi ,i was treated at castle hill too and i would just like to say they were excellent .I didn’t have a mastectomy but i had a lumpectomy last may then chemo in july and rads in dec ,finished all treatment on dec 21st.They gave me good advise and I’m sure they will do the best by you too .If they think something is the best for you I’m sure it will be ,i was told there is no problem with costs at that hospital so you get the best treatment for you.We are very lucky .All the best with your decision and if you have any questions you can pm me or jan .
Sharon xx

Thank you Sharon and Jan for taking the time to reply. Yes I am being treated at Castle Hill and they are excellent. I will post again after I have been back to the clinic on Tuesday, hopefully I will have made some sort of decision by then!
Thanks again, ladies.