Hi Can any one help

First can i say how sorry i am to hear about your loss. I a new to this site and for some reason have avoided it…head in the sand i supose trying not to think of the what if’s etc. I too have lost people i have have know to secondary cancer and have just lost another, it does bring home that life is too short especial for us.

I have like you ladies been living with the lovely health issues after secondary cancer. The tiredness, changing meds because of the side effects etc. I have had pains in my lower back and a couple of spots that hurt to the touch…not really bad pain but enough to know that it is there. Yesterday and today my hips have been really aching, my right more than my left. I am sick of going to the doctor and wonder if anyone out there has that problem. Is it just that my body is just responding to lack of estogen (Not sure wheter i have spelt that right).Any information would be great. Forgot to say that i started with breast cancer left side low grade and ended up with cancer in the lymp glands at the back of my neck right side. I was told i was unluckly and that it was unusual for my lever of cancer to appear again and to cross the body. I know that it not a good place to have secondaries and am fully ware that i am not likely to get my letter from the Queen let alone see retirement which is a little hard to take in but life goes on.
Would love to hear from you.

Hi Lupin,

I am sorry you have had to join us, but you will find a lot of support here from those who do understand what you are going thru. I am not sure from your post where you have secondaries, is it just in the lymph node at the back of your neck, or has it gone into the organs? I know initially when you get a 2ndary diagnosis it is so frightening. You learn from reading these forums that they way it affects each of us is so individual as well. I was diagnosed when I was 45 and really believed at that time I wouldnt see the year out. This was back in 1990 when there seemed to be so little information around and everyone thought if you mentioned the C word you hadnt long left on this earth! I never believed I would survive 19 years, and now sometimes I tell myself why not 100! When were you first diagnosed? and do you have friends and family supporting you? I do hope so 'cos this makes so much difference.

Take care,


Hi Dawn
My breast cancer was found 5 years ago this year, i was quite lucky really as it was low to my breast bone and found it by luck. I had my breast removed that october 2004 and radio for 3 weeks (i opted to have it over a shorter period because of the distance i had to travel for treatment)I was then clear for about 2 1/2 years and then again by luck found a lump in the back of my neck and mentioned it at a check up. Had tests etc and it was cancer, chemio, radio followed which was OK. I had no end of problems after with the arimedex but now i am on aromasin which my body can cope with. Because of the treatment i now have ashma which is under control but this pain in my lower back/hips which is a little worrying. It is stupid really but as you know it is always in the back of your mind. I am 50 this year and have managed nearly 5 years and many more to come i am sure.
My husband finds it hard to deal with and i can understand and i have my youngest children at home, 19 years old and 16 years old.
I tend not to talk about it really which is probably not a good idea, hence coming onto this site really.
Thanyou for replying

Hi again Lupin,

Thanks for filling in a few more details about yourself. I think it always helps to have a bit more of a picture of the person you are talking to. You would have been the same age as me at diagnosis - 45 and my kids then were 18 & 16.

If you are worrying about the pain in your lower back and hips and it has been like it for a while perhaps you should mention it to your oncologist just in case it has spread to your bones.

I think a lot of men find it hard to deal with or even talk about but it gets very lonely if you feel you haven’t anyone you can talk to. This is where I think forums are so helpful.


Hi Lupin…it may well be lack of oestrogen…I do have bone mets but have had twinges due to treatment (years of hormonal drugs) not the mets themselves. I would suggest as Dawn has that you get an appointment with your Onc and request a scan. It maybe absolutely nothing to worry about and your mind will be able to rest…if there is something wrong it’s better to deal with it and start some treatment sooner rather than later.
I hope ALL will be well…Take Care Lupin…x.x.x

Hi Belinda
I am due an appointment in June but might ring up and see whether i can bring it forward. Best not stick my head in the sand… hopefully it is just lack of hormones. Thanks again

Hi Belinda
What are bone mets?

Sorry Lupin…bone mets are bone secondaries…(metastases)
Hope all goes well…the hormonals can cause all sorts of aches and pains…x.x.x