if anyone could possibly help i would be very very grateful!!. My mum was dianosed with bc and had a mastectomy & 11 nodes removed in april 05, she finished her chemo in dec 05 then was prescribed Tamoxifen (not sure of brand).

She returned to work 19th Jan 06, since she has been back at work she has suffered severe (heel & palm bottom of feet) pain.
Her job is in the catering trade, (my dad - her boss) have kept her cover staff on until she is fully fit??? only works evenings no more than 5 hours a day, not rushing around actually sits around alot of the time! Before she was dianosed my mum was one of these people who couldnt sit around, always on the go type! When her chemo finished SHE decided she needed to go back cos she was fed up to sitting around, and needed to get back to so called normality (whatever that is).

After the first couple of days her feet began to hurt, especially the heels and bottoms of your feet, she put it down her wearing her trainers, standing around etc. (during chemo only went out for her hospital visits but on these occassions wore HIGH HEELED BOOTS! - not trainers) Since starting she has had a week off and not put on her trainers but her heels still ache, she asked me today to see if any info on internet, and for her to ask it must now be worring her a bit, and she dont think it is because of shoes.

If anyone had any of same, or give me any info. would be very grateful.



For Rosey Dear Rosey

Sorry to read that your mum is having a difficult time returning to work.

You may find you get more information and support by contacting our Ask the Nurse email service or phoning our helpline. Our experts working in these services should be able to tell you if the symptoms your mum is experiencing are common and point you towards sources of help.

You can contact the free helpline by phoning 0808 800 6000. This is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and Saturday, 9am - 2pm.

If you would prefer to correspond by email you can contact our Ask the Nurse email service by going to

breastcancercare.org.uk/content.php?page_id=119 on the site.

Hope you find this information is of help.

Take care.

Kind regards.

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rosey it sounds like hand foot /palmar plantar syndrome- was your Mum on Xeloda?
Keep palms and soles well covered with moisturiser. E 45 would be safe but bet there’s something better- ask chemo dept/district nurse/GP.
If no joy bcmets.org/ and put hand foot syndrome in the search box . You will get loadsa info.
HFS is caused by the capillary veins under the skin expanding.
Take great care of it and try not to let skin crack.
Best wishes, dilly

HI I finished my chemo on 27th dec and rads on wednesday 7th feb , however as soon i finished my chemo i started getting severe leg pain just like yr mum .

i consulted my oncologist and he said I need vit D and advised me to on holidays for afew days in the sun

2moro i am leaving for mauritius for 2 weeks .

danskn- your remedy is best ever - have a lovely time and come back feeling great, best wishes, dilly


thanks to all of you who helped and gave me more info. to look into, its a nightmare at moment you always think you have gone through the hard part, then another thing pops up!

thanks again