Hi everyone

hi all,
my name is Julie and I’d like a chance to say hi to everyone.

Hi Julie
Welcome to the forums. I assume you have just been diagnosed, or waiting for results for a triple assessment. I will tell you now, that waiting is the worst part of this. I can’t comment on whatever condition you have, but would like to send you big hugs and best wishes for whatever you are facing. Feel free to ask questions, rant about whatever you are feeling, this is the right place to come for that. You will find us a friendly bunch, only too willing to offeer advice, support and comfort.
Poemsgalore xxx

Hi Julie, sorry you have had to join the ’ club’ but as Poemsgalore says we are a friendly bunch and can share experiences and tips with you.
Hope you are coping? Let us know how you are feeling. Best wishes, Katy.

Hey Ladies,
Thank you for the lovely welcome xxx
I have not had a diagnosis yet, I have been referred to the breast clinic as I have a pea sized lump under my left arm which has been there for about 2 months and now there is another one on my right side, (which my GP exammined today and said its probably a fatty lump) but the lump under my armpit seems to go up and down daily so I am guessing it must be nothing to worry about?
Thanks again for the welcome xxxxx

Hi Julie

Sorry I can’t help with what the lump might be but it’s best to get it checked out. The waiting is a nightmare, whether for an appointment or to get results.

Please let us know what they say at the clinic.

Good luck. Maggie xx

Yes Julie, you are definitely doing the right think. Even if it turns out to be benign (fingers crossed). You need to have your mind put at rest - and ours on your behalf . Here’s hoping your referral comes through soon, Sending hugs and good wishes.
Poemsgalore xx

My appointment is in September, has anyone’s lymph nodes swelled up and down in one day?