Hi Guys

Hi Guys 19.06.07 9:02 pm

Hi guys i apologise if this is in the wrong place.

My partner was diagnosed with bc a little while ago and has been undergoing chemotherapy, Its very strange her not having any hair and i still love her as much as the day i met her.

She did receive news last week that the cancer had spread to other parts of her body which was such a shock

I do however have some sad sad news, about 4pm this afternoon whilst i was at work she was at home went for a nap after i spoke to her at lunch time and woke up slightly tingly down oneside. She called her mum as she felt very confused and aparently called the wrong number 5 times. She has suffered a stroke, i was told by her mother that she got even number at home before the ambulance came and her face was all bent and horrible. Im so gutted she was okay this morning and was doing so so well. I went to visit her and she was not awake but in this high dependancy intensive care unit so we cant see her for too long.

I dont know what to say or what to think. Im being really vague about all the detail because i dont pay attention to what people are telling me, i felt that by telling you lovely people on here would at least help vent some of the thoughts in my head.

Thank you

I’m so sorry to hear that this has happened and hope that your partner recovers from the stroke. I am sure that you will get replies from people who are more experienced than me as I have only recently started with treatment. Have you tried to call the site helpline as they are able to provide a great deal of information?

All the very best to you both.

Dear little1

I was so sad to read your post. This is so difficult for you. You sound like a really lovely person and you are being so supportive of your partner.

What has happened must be a horrible blow and my sympathies go out to you. I hope you have friends and family who can support you and your partner. Remember to look after yourself, and accept help when it is offered. I am ‘new’ to breast cancer and I am only just learning how to do this.

Much love and my best wishes go to you.


Hi Little 1

I’m so sorry about your partener. It must have been a terrible shock for you. Just the cancer alone is hard enough to deal with. I do hope that your partner makes a full recovery. Strokes can affect people differently and people can make a fully recovery with no lasting effects.

I hope that you are getting lots of support from family, friends and professionals.

Take great care of yourself and stay strong.

Very best wishes


thank you so much for your kind words and support she is only 25 due to have her 26th birthday next week. its really really sad i dont even know how im supposed to act. Im wanting to go to work tomorrow but dont know if its right. I feel sorry that i got upset about it and had to come and be alone.

hang on in there Hi Little 1

I can’t believe your partner is only 25, life can be so cruel at times. You are being really strong and brave. Only you know what’s best for you with regards to going to work tomorrow. You have to do what feels right for you.

Thinking of you and your partner.

Take care

thanks chanel i just wish there was more i can do for her, i love her so so much. Shes not awake either which is the scary thing

Hi Little 1

I wish there was something that I could say to make it easier for you but there are no words that can truly make a difference at a time like this. Your love for your partner will keep you strong. She is a very lucky lady to be loved so much. Have you thought about ringing the hospital, maybe they could offer you some reassurrance as to her progress.


yeah i called them a few hours ago shes still in the critical stage where they say the next 48 hours are the crutial ones. Her parents are quite strange with me at the moment, have never approved of our relationship. I just spoke to my boss from work too and shes supporting my decision to go into to work and that if i need to go to just say which is nice.

Ive got the grizzles too feel like a baby, fell asleep on the armchair and woke up with a stiff neck. :frowning:

im sorry i keep going on and on

Hey it’s ok to keep going on.

Albeit her parents are being strange just remember that you love her too and have just as many rights. It’s at times like this that any differences should be set aside and everyone should be focusing on the most important thing and hoping that your partner makes a full recovery.

It’s great that work are being supportive and that they will let you go at the drop of a hat. If you feel comfortable going to work then you should do what’s right for you.

I guess all you can do is keep ringing the hospital for regular updates. I trust that the hospital will also keep you informed of any changes.

It will be a long 48 hours and it will be hard for you to sleep, thoughts must be racing through your mind. If your’e managing to doze off in the chair it might be worth giving bed a go to save your neck.

Hope you get some sleep.

Will be thinkng about you and your partner.


Thanks im going to give bed a try its just so lonely without her being with me. Hospitals are strange about same sex relationships too. They have strict instructions to inform me of any developments and so do her parents i hope they dont get all selfish about her again.

Ill keep you all updated on her progess tomorrow after i have been to see her.

Night all

night little 1 Night night Little 1

Hope you get some sleep and that you get some good news in the morning. I’m sure everyone will pull together for you during this difficult time.

Thinking of you all.


How are you little1? Hi Little1,

I was really upset to read your posts, what an absolute nightmare for you. Was wondering if there is any news on your girlfriend? This is just a terrible time for you and I really can’t think of anything to say (makes a change for me!).

We are all thinking of you and of course your girlfriend. I hope the news from the hospital today is good and that you will soon have her home to cuddle up to.

Take care and please let us know as and when you have any news,


How are you? Little 1,

I was so upset too to read your news. My thoughts are with you and your girlfriend. I do hope that you will be able to tell us some better news soon.


Stroke and chemo I had my chemo (cmf day 1) yesterday and as usual the steroids wouldn’t let me sleep so I went to bed and put the TV on. I ended up watching a documentary on childhood cancers which made me wonder what I am whinging about some of the time as these poor children with leukaemia are going through far worse treatment than me and don’t complain anywhere as much.

Anyway there was a 15 year old boy on who had a stroke as the result of one of the chemo drugs. Apparently it is a known but very rare side effect. He recovered well from the stroke and is now back on the chemo and responding well to treatment, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope everything goes well for you both.


I was so sad to read your recent posts, my thoughts are with you both and I hope your partner’s condition improves soon.

Diane x

message for little 1 Hi Little 1

I’ve been thinking about you guys all day. Is there any news about your girlfriend?

Hope you managed some sleep after all last night.


Message for Little 1 Hi Little One

Just wanted to add my name to the others and say that we are all thinking of you and your partner.

Please let us know how you both are.

Lots of love

Julie x

Hi everyone i want to say a huge thank you for all the kind words and thoughts, ive just been to see her and she had an operation on her brain. Shes still unconsious but i know she knows i was there today.

I did manage to get a little sleep last night, and went to work today they have been great today really took my mind off the last 24 hours.

The doctors tell me that it was a side effect to one of the drugs that caused some kind of blockage in something i really wasnt listening. Also the operation went well and she should show some signs of improvment in the next 24 hours.

Guys i really really appreciate all the support you are all so so kind thank you.

good to hear from you Hi Little 1

It’s great to hear from you and have some positive news about your partner. You have both been in my thoughts all day.

I’m so glad that you managed to get some sleep last night after all. How’s your neck today?

It seems like you made the right decision to go to work in the end today and i’m pleased that they are being supportive.

I’m sure that your partner knew that you were with her giving her lots of love and support. All the information from the doctors must seem overwhelming at the moment. Did they say which drug had caused the blockage?

How’s things with your partner’s parents today? I do hope that they are being supportive for you.

I’ll keep everything crossed for the next 24 hours.
Will keep thinking of you both.

Take good care