Hi Guys

Hi chanel

I just called the hospital and she has been doing really well, they are very hopeful that she will be awake tomorrow, so they should know how much damage has been caused.

They did say which drug it was but i cant remember the name of it, ill get it written down tomorrow and let you all know.

My neck is a little stiff still, i went for a run earlier and got halfway and brokedown in tears i felt like a fool in the middle of the countryside crying like a baby.

Her parents are still strange with me but i dont think about that because my main worry is becs.

Its empty in my house and ive been feeling really lost.

Is it normal for the drugs to cause strokes? Ive never heard of it before and it isnt something we were made aware of.


Hey Little 1

It’s fantastic news that she is doing so well. I’m sure that she will be awake to see you tomorrow and you’ll be the first person that she wants to see.

It will be another long night for you but with much better prospects than last night.

I have heard of drugs causing strokes a few times. I work in health care and have come across it a few times. I have also seen patients that have made a full recovery without any lasting side affects. Your girlfriend also has youth on her side and despite the BC will be stronger than you think physically. Her organs have the benefit of youth to keep her fighting.

The house must feel very empty without her but is still filled with love.

I wouldn’t worry about breaking down in the middle of the countryside, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks in any case. You have stayed emotionally really strong through this and sometimes you need to have an emotional release and let your feelings come out. We can’t be brave all the time!

I’m glad things are ok with her parents, you really don’t need any additional issues to deal with at the moment.

Hope the doctors give you some more info tomorrow.

Glad your neck is ok, no more cat napping in the chair then!

Take care

Hi chanel

You are so kind to me i dont even know you, i wish there was a way to thank you properly!

Im going to try catch some sleep again im off all day tomorrow so will keep you all updated for sure!

love to you all

Hi Little1

I was so pleased to hear that Becs is doing really well. I am sure that you will see further improvement today. We are all thinking of you both at this very difficult time.


Thats good news Hi liitle1,

it was great to get good news about becs, I know we have all been thinking of you both. You must be sooooo relieved, what a horrible few days you’ve had.

I hope that becs continues to come on in leaps and bounds and that you will soon have her back home where she belongs.

Take care of yourself, be sure to get plenty of rest and lake sure you eat well!! Don’t like to nag but you’ll be no good to becs if you’re tired and hungry!

Keep us posted on progress,


Dear Little1

just to add to the posts on here to wish you and Becs all the best.

We are all so lucky to have this board to share the bad times.

Love and best wishes to you both, and remember to come back and tell us how you are getting on.


Thanks margaret, kelly, deborah and everyone

I have been to see her today, had the day off had to go to London to sort out something then spent the evening with her, she is now awake but she cant speak properly and has limited use of one side, the doctors tell us this could improve on a daily basis but only time and threapy will tell if its permanent or not.

its very sad as soon as she saw me today i was asleep in the chair next to her and she burst into tears, i can sense she is really angry inside and i iwish i could do something to take it away, it breaks my heart to see her like this it really does.

Her parents called me to say they saw me in there talking to her and thought it best to leave us alone which i found really overwhelming because it feels like they are actually accepting our relationship. I have been with her for almost 4 years so i expect they should by now.

I have been trying to look aftermyself woke up after having a bad dream, so i went for a run then came back and fell straight asleep.

Im so glad i have all your support and i have a place to come to to share what i am going through. Sorry that this was a long one.


fantastic news Hi Little 1

Sorry for my late response but i’ve been working silly hours again today.

I am so pleased that Becs is ok. What a relief. It’s fantastic news!!!
The relief in itself must be overwhelming. The most important thing to rememer at the moment is that Becs has come through this. Recovery can be a slow process but as i’ve said before Becs has youth on her side. There is an awful lot of therapy avaliable for stroke victims and most people that suffer a stroke regain speach and use of their weak side. With time I’m sure Becs will be offered therapy. Every minute she will get stronger. It must be incredibly diificult for you seeing Becs in this way but i’m sure that she’ll come through it all.

I am also delighted to hear about Becs parents., It is really touching that they respected your time with Becs today and valued your relationship and love for each other. It must have been really emotional for you all.

It’s nice that you’ve had the day off, as much as you want to keep things normal with work it’s important to have some ‘me’ time during all of this. With a bit of luck you’ll get a better nights sleep tonight knowing that Becs is on the road to recovery.

As for the ‘thank you’, don’t give it a seconds thought. We’re all here to support each other and your really going through it at the moment. If i’ve been just a tiny bit of help at all then i’m chuffed to bits, it kind of makes some kind of sense to all this craziness. I just wish I could do more as i’m sure we all feel absalutley useless at times.

Here’s hoping that Becs is even stronger tomorrow. Take care of yourself as well. You need to stay strong as well.

Please let me know how you both are. thinking of you both.
Lots of love

I’m so pleased that Becs has improved so much and hope that she continues to make progress just as quickly.

It is so positive that her parents have accepted your relationship better now.

All the very best of luck


Great news Hi Little1,

Just echoing others’ comments.

It sounds as though Becs is making good progress. And, how nice that the parents have seen sense.

Look after yourself too as you need to be strong for both of you.


Baby steps little1 Hi little1,

I have been thinking of you both. I am glad you got to spend some time alone with becs yesterday. How touching that her parents saw you and decided to leave you to it, I’m sure it must of meant a great deal to you.

Baby steps is what its all about right now chicken. I’m sure with the help of physios, and the support and encouragement from you, becs will slowly start to get her affected side working again.

Did you ask what the name of the drug was that could’ve caused this? Like one of the other ladies I too saw the programme on children with cancer the other night where the young lad had a stroke following chemo. Thankfully he made a very speedy recovery and was soon back home again. He had to re-learn how to use his right hand again but with the help of physios and perserverance he made swift progress.

I really do wish you and becs all the best, and I hope she continues to make good progress. Please keep us updated on how she is doing,

Take care,


my thoughts are with you both Hi Little1
I have just been reading your postings, what a lucky lady your girl is to have someone as caring as you, I’m so glad she is improving, keep strong, we are all rooting for you both.
take care and loads of hugs

thinking about you I was sad to hear of your girlfriend’s illness and how difficult it has been for you because of the attitude of her parents. It has brought back memories of my own experience in hospital when the man I was seeing in Ireland turned up unexpectedly to see me carrying a huge bunch of yellow roses. My mother nearly had a fit as she’d always said he was far too old for me and she’d never met him before in the flesh, only seen pics of him.

honestly I just wished the floor would swallow me up and that I was on my own.

As you say, her parents have at least realised that you should be respected and this will be so much better for your friend’s peace of mind and support.



Have only just caught up with this post So sorry to hear about your partner…it must be a very difficult time for you both and her family…hopefully it sounds like her parents have now accepted your relationship…which can only make things easier for becs.
I hope she continues to make progress…look after yourself too.


little update Hi everyone

Once again thanks so so much for the kind replies, have been to see her today, still the same no improvment on yesterday. Still cant move or speak she seems so so angry and pushed me away a little today bless her.

Shes really gorgeous and i think she thinks i wont still love her if she looks a bit different, i had the chat with her and told her i love her so so much and id never leave her.

Ive got nothing else to say really sorry

Hello Little 1

I’ve thought about you and Becs such a lot today and what you are going through. Just hang in there. Your relationship with Becs sounds really strong to me, and you are lucky to have each other.

I hope Becs continues to improve - to have you by her must be such a terrific comfort.

love and best wishes to you both


Thank you deborah we have been togethere for such a long time and have known her since school, im 23 and shell be 26 week after next. Id be very lost without her.

I havnt been able to get to sleep in our bed so have been napping in strange places sounds really riskay lol.

Do you think i should take her some music to listen to tomorrow? was going to put some of our favourite music on an ipod.

Love little1

Hi Little1
So sorry to hear what you and your girlfriend are going through. You sound very strong and it’s that strength that will get you and Becs through this.

I think it would be fantastic to take in music will all her favorite songs. I used my Ipod after both my ops when I couldn’t sleep or move much and found it brilliant and felt it was some ‘company’ when I couldn’t sleep

Please keep us up to date with her progress

Thinking of you Hi Little 1

Just caught up on the messages - have been thinking of you and wondering how Bec’s is. Good to hear about her parents leaving you alone together, I’m sure they now appreciate the love you have for their daughter.

You sound such a lovely caring girl, and just what Bec’s needs during this tough time.

Sending you lots of love and big hugs, and remember we’re all here for you.

Julie xx

Thanks julie

just been to see here, shes got my ipod now! She seems a little vibrant today, shes also managed a cup of tea with a straw and some food.

Im going back to see her later, got to do some food shopping for myself should be interesting.

Ill definately find out what the drug was called later ill write it down for you all, the doctor is coming to speak to her later to discuss whats going to happen next said he wanted me there too.

Ill let you all know what happens later on.

Love you all