Hi, have been diagnosed with DCIS

Just want to say hi and tell you about myself. I am 58 and have been on HRT for a few years. About 18 months ago I missed my mammogram appointment in the mobile transport that was in our town. Anyway, when I phoned my doctor for more HRT he advised me I should make an appointment for the mammogram that I missed and I went at the beginning of December. A couple of weeks later I got a letter of recall back to the hospital. I wasn’t at all worried because I had been recalled before only to be told I had a cyst which was immediately injected and dispersed. Imagine my surprise when I was told that there were calcifications and, following an ultrasound, I was told I had to have a biopsy on a mass measuring 1cm. The biopsy wasn’t too bad, I sat in a chair and my breast was placed in the right position on the mammogram machine. I then had A local anaesthetic on the area they wanted to get the sample from. The whole procedure took about 30 minutes and the nurse and anaesthetist were so friendly and reassuring I didn’t really worry about what was happening. This all took place on 15 December but I was told that, because of the Christmas break, I would have to wait until the 31st before I got my results. Even after all this I wasn’t worried and me and my husband went for the results expecting to be told everything was fine. so imagine our shock and surprise when we were told I had DCIS and that I would have to have surgery. As far as I am aware it is at a very early stage and the surgery will involve removing the cancer plus some surrounding tissue. The surgery has been set for Monday 26 January and I will go home on the same day.

I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about this. I haven’t told anyone in the family, I don’t know what to say - I don’t want to say “I’ve got breast cancer”. I will also have to tell people at work and again it’s having to say those words that I can’t bring myself to. I almost feel embarrassed or even ashamed. I also remember in the past hearing about other people that have had it, and how you feel pity for them and you discuss it with others and say “oh did you know so and so’s got breast cancer”. So now it’ll be me that people will be talking about and I’m not really too sure I want them to so I’m tempted not to say anything apart from to my closest friends, family and work colleagues. My husband thinks I shouldn’t worry about what people say and they would want to show their support.

Anyway, apart from that, I’m trying not to worry too much and am hopeful that the surgery will be successful.

Hi like you ihad dcis diagnoised through a mammogram, completely out of the blue, I had to have a mastectomy as it was very early , but wide spread   I felt a bit of a fraud as there were no symptons, nothing to see From my experience i found it easier to tell every one i know, with abrief explanation Everyone i told have been kind and supportive, in fact it seemed it bought out the best in people From my experience i found that the support of all my family and friends made a very, difficult experience much more bearable,  in fact if it had not been for the loving support of my husband and sister, I think i might have lost the plot So be brave and tell everyone, it will make the coming months so much easier best wishes

Hi, l was diagnosed with DCIS late October, l go this week for results from 3rd op.  Hope you are 1st time lucky, but don’t worry if you need more it is not uncommon.  Thinking of you x


Hi Im new to the site too.
Im 51 and was diagnosed with DCIS on 29th Dec. I am having surgery to remove it on 22nd jan. I was fine until my admittance letter arrived and am now wondering if i should be opting for a mastectomy.
Although i can speak to my husband about this i dont want to involve family and friends (they know about the dcis and planned surgery). I too am hoping that the surgery is successful and the margins are clear.
I wish you good luck for your operation on 26th. Xx

Hi all,


I am new to blogging and this site too.  Same here!  Had my Mammogram begining of July 2014 followed by 3 biopsies since they were all unconclusives.  On the last one I’ve been on the clear but there was something there with 10% chance to be cancerous.  I did not want to live with Domocles blade over my head and decided best to have surgery (last November) in order not to give it a chance to become cancer later on.  Good thing I did because it turned out to be DCIS.  So for five months I have been in denial, not believing it could be IT!  It was a shock of course.  I took my time to tell around me except my husband and children, then 1 person I trust at work then my boss…  slowly here and there and one day on my social network.  It felt liberating, support recieved is fenomenal.  Tomorrow I start radiotherapy and  I am scared at moment even though I know i am incredibly lucky to have catch it so early but it does remains scary at times, mood swings since the diagnosis are …  overwelming…  Not knowing how I will react to treatment, will I be more tired than usual or the same??  not being able to plan the near futur, to put your life and those around you is anoying somehow…


I find to write about it difficult to find the right words but I think it will help me face the truth better.


Best of wishes to all.



Hello, just been reading your post, I to was recalled back after having a mammagram & after a biopsy I went back to the hospital for the results to be told it was DCIS & would need surgery.
Like you I expected to be told everything would be ok & never thought I would have cancer, this was in November 14, I had a sentinel node biopsy 2nd December then a mastectomy two weeks later, I had a reconstruction straight away, it’s been 4 weeks since my op, I am recovering ok & getting used to my new boob! At first I didn’t want to tell anyone, but I eventually did, I found that it did help me talking to my friends & family & their support has been a great help to me & my husband.
Hope your op goes well, which I am sure it will do, & you have a speedy recovery.