Hi I am a newbee who found a lump nearly 2 wks ago

Hi I am new to all this; I found a lump on my left breast two weeks ago, went straight to the doctors a.s.a.p & have been referred to Glenfield hospital. My appointment is for this Tues. I am so worried, like everyone I suppose I think the worse; have been so negative. It makes matters worse as I am 4 weeks into a new job, so having to take time off, and tell the boss why I need to! Its not good.
My husband, we have been married 19 years is so with me; he is cumin to the appointment. My kids are also aware, although as teenagers are don’t say much!
I know that you shouldn’t think the worse, but I feel so tired, my left arm aches; as does the left boob, I have no energy, and it looks slightly bruised.
Please give me some support as I am so worried, and anxious for my kids n Dave xxx Emma

The ladies on this site will support you lots while you are going through this. Firstly you did the right thing in going to the doctor and being referred. The waiting is always the worst but first things first.

Try not to worry and this is really hard - as soon as you start to think the worst divert yourself - chat to hubby or kids or just go for a walk or something to take your mind off it. There is no use worrying even IF something is not right. You dont know yet if there is anything to worry about. Do be very positive about the diversion tactics as they do work and it stops you getting into a state about it all.

There is not much you can do until you get a diagnosis and IF you get a diagnosis and if its not the outcome you want there is lots of help and treatment. I was lucky as I had a routine screening and it was found.

Please talk to people about it and find out from BCC publications what questions you can take with you to ask the doctors. Write them all down and ask hubby to listen carefully as it will be such a whirl for you.

Take care and good luck.
Please return and let us know how you get on. Come back and chat and ask any questions for the ladies to answer.
Big hug xx


Yes, Daisy_do is right. The waiting is just awful, but you may well have a positive outcome. This is the place to voice your fears and get support. If there is any question you want answered, ask away, and very soon someone will be along to help, or ring the helpline.

As far as being tired, worrying about this will be draining the energy from you and, believe me, you can imagine that you have any symptoms you can think of. Ask anyone on here!

Very good luck to you for Tuesday and let us know how you get on.

Love Ann x

hi hi Emma, take a deep breath and listen to your thinking practical head and that of you husband and kids.there is nothing you can do until you get to that appt.Make yurself busy, try and not read up on all of this stuff, it will scare you and make you more anxious more than likely. Its normal for us to panick and think the worse i did … its like a talisman the more you think it … it might not happen. Deb *laughs* but i never practised what i preach… i bloody went and panicked… and thought the worse… and worried and cried and was angry,its all part of it I’m afraid, you are not alone. al the very very best on tues and let us know outcome. ~ hugs~ Deb

Hi Tomnlorasmum,

Just wanted to add my support to that of the other ladies and acho what they have already said. I’m quite new to this site and the forums and am finding them really useful and supportive. People can be so lovely and caring!

Try not to worry too much - I agree that you should try and distract yourself if at all possible. (The old adage ‘worrying doesn’t solve anything’ is still true…)

I just want to wish you all the very best, and good luck for Tuesday.

Sending love x

(PS I don’t know if this is of help or interest but I do try to use breathing techniques to calm myself, take walks (if time permits) which seem to help clear my mind of all negative stuff, and have used Bach Rescue Remedy - for example, before a meeting with the consultant, getting results).

Thank you ladies,so much, I have just read your comments & gone off to have a little cry, you are all so lovely, its so nice to have the support. I am so glad that I have found this site, and I will keep you posted after Tues appointmentxx


If you are attending Glenfield Hospital in Leicester you will receive excellent care and treatment if needed. It is a difficult time for you right now but you will find the strength to cope.

Take care


Hi Lyn;
Thanks for your post, yes it is Glenfield in Leicester.
Do you know how long the results will take?

Emma x

Hi Emma, I also went to the Glenfield back in January, they were so nice to me, everybody was lovely. Please let us know how you got on today.

All the best,


hiya, i found a lump june 08 silly me thought it was nothing so did my doc but came back grade 3 1.4cm tumor worst thing was my 20yr old daughter was with me when i got results i was scared stiff, i hate needles, hospitals , had we lumpectomy ten days later and sentinal node biposy, 4and half weeks later was told it hadnt spread to lymph nodes and margins was clear, but my oncologist thought i was best to have chemo and radiation as im 52 and fit. none of it was as bad as i thought and a year later got my clear yearly mammogram results last tuesday, take one day at a time, i know worrying is the worst , hope all goes well tue would like to know what happens to you, take care and ur not alone xxx

Emma, I’m right with you…Saw a consultant for the first time 2 weeks ago, my first biopsy took a week for results but others tell me it can be quicker.Was your appointment yesterday?I hope they took good care of you.Theres masses of support from these lovely ladies so try & stay in touch even if you dont feel like it.
Tired? Yes I’m shattered,sleep for hours then do something small for an hour & have to rest.I guess its all emotional fatigue.Everyone is telling me I’m strong but theres some fears its very hard to share even with hubby or close friends.
I’m having a second biopsy tomorrow on another “shadow” & am booked for WLE on the 27th, maybe more if it is a second tumour.
Lots of luck & do drop me a pm if its easier
G x

Hi everyone.

I was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. I had my surgery last week, a wide local excision. I feel fitter and more well in myself than I have for ages. I’ve had my lymph removed and, apart form a little discomfort in the armpit, I have no pain at all.

If your news is not what you want to hear, you CAN get through this. Treatment is excellent and the support from this site invaluable.

Take care and let us know how it goes. We are there for you in spirit.

Julia xxx

Hi Ladies;
Sorry I didn’t let you know yesterday, but although I thought I knew it still came as a shock. Yes I do have breast cancer.
I went to Glenfield, Leicester yesterday, had a consultation, mammogram, scan & biopsy. They could tell from the scan/mammogram that yes I do have cancer. I got really upset as the anansectic (excuse my spelling) didn’t work, the pain was out of this world and made me cry anyway, without them giving me the dreaded news.
The staff were brilliant and so supportive, they are great.
Anyway; it’s back next Tues for the results of the biopsy and to talk about what surgery I will have?
My Dave was with me, and my kids have been told, Lora is very positive, but Tom is very withdrawn. I do so worry about him.
I did go to work today, but broke down when asked how I got on, so was sent home. Think I am going to take tomorrow off also, as I need to get my head around things, and try & stop crying all the while.
I so thank you ladies for your support & hope to keep in touch
Lots of Luv Em xx

Hi Emma
Your last post brought back all those horrid feelings, I think it really is the worst thing to go through - but I actually found that once I knew it was there it gave me a kind of mission to get rid of it. I was diagnosed in much the same way and it is a very big shock, even though I do think you are right in that you know deep down that its there.

You were very brave going to work today, i was made redundant in April and had just got a new job when I was diagnosed in July and really felt that I wanted to concentrate on getting better. Dont push yourself too much Emma, take each day as it comes and concentrate on yourself.

Take care

Hi Emma, I am sorry you are having to deal with all this. As Dena (Jellybean) says you were very brave to attempt going into work. Next Tuesday is a long way off and believe me the waiting is the worst part of all this. I was originally diagnosed when I was 39 with 2 daughters and I never thought for one moment that I would still be here today to talk about it. TRhat was 20 years ago! It has been a difficult road but I am still here to tell the tale. It hasn’t been easy but believe it or not I am a happier person and life is much fuller now and I appreciate every day. I wish you well Emma and hope you will let us know your results nomatter what uyou are told., We will be here for you. Use us to scream, shout or moan because we all remember the first days and want to help yu get through this,and you will love…much love Val (Scottishlass) XX

Hi tomnlorasmum

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis. As well as the support you are receiving from the other forum users you may find it useful to have a copy of BCC resources pack. It has been designed specifically for those newly diagnosed and has information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. If you would like a copy just follow this link:-


I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Thanx so much ladies for your kind support; I know that I have my family for support; but you having been there r helpin me even more, please continue to keep in touch, many thanks Em xx

I’m new to and its been really interesting reading and made me feel a little better. I’m off to the Nightingale Clinc tomorrow for first steps although the letter said I could be there for several hours to get the result - this made it all a bit scary although the doctor said if was probably a cyst - fingers crossed it is… Has anyone been for the tests ?? just wandering how long it all takes.

Good luck everyone… x

Emma - so sorry to hear that the news was not what we wanted…:frowning: {{{hugs}}} One piece of advice - if you find it hard to sleep etc this week do try bachs rescue remedy - it really did the edge off my panic when i was waiting to hear results and find out what was happening…

Take care

Theresa x

Emma I’m so sorry to hear your news.It sounded like me you had rather been expecting it.
I had a chat with the Breast Nurse about whether I should work or not, she stressed it was very individual, some people find work a welcome distraction.I decided not to & realise now that I made the right decision.What with feeling exhausted & my concentration & memory being shot to bits I just couldnt have coped.My employers have been great, extremely supportive, & are accepting it will be several weeks before I will reappear. Quite apart from anything else I have needed the time to get my head around all this, it all happens so fast,diagnosis last week & op on the 27th.
On the sleep thing I’m using Sominex or Nytol one a night, stronger than Bachs but having a sliding scale of options is useful!
Kazza, my tests 2 weeks ago took 2 1/2 hours in total to do Ultra sound,Mammagram, Core biopsy & see the consultant & Breast Care Nurse.I hope the news is good for you but if not theres plenty of support here…Good luck.
G x