Hi im new.About to have duct removal :/

Hello,ive stumbled upon thhis site.Im 32 i have 2 children,last yr i had bleeding from right nipple, went dr they thought ducts blocked & had got infected which had burst and cleared itself hence blood…then later in the yr (Nov) i had pain in breast,it felt hot stingy,just painful & i felt sick, slept alot, then it bled again & has ever since then been ‘leaking’ to be honest its done the leaking of clear liquid for about a year. So went back to hospital & they want to remove all the ducts. But now im really worried as its bled again & there is a definate lump,going to call the breast clinic tomorrow. Thanks for reading

Hi mttac,

You’re doing the right thing to get this followed up. It’s so worrying and we can’t deal with this sort of thing on our own. The people on the help line of this site are also very very helpful and will give you all the space you need to talk things through.

Good luck tomorrow,


I have rung, and am going in tomorrow to see consultant & see what they say, they said i could be most of the morning. Thankyou.x