Hi. I'm new and looking for BC buddies in the Reading area'.

Hi I moved to Twyford Berkshire last year after loosing my husband .
I don’t no many people , am disabled with fibromyalgia and just been told I have grade three aggressive breast cancer . I am petrified and struggling to take it all in

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Hi Lucy, I hope you are doing ok and have found some support. I finish radiotherapy this week and am going back to work mid September. Happy to meet up for a coffee or chat on the phone, let me know.

There is a meet up in the Reading area breastcancercare.org.uk/community/forums/your-area/anyone-out-there-reading-berkhire-want-meet-or-chat

Our next meet up is in Bracknell in September and I have also suggested meeting up for a meal in Reading in August, which you might like to come to, details in the link above.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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I live in Maidenhead and was diagnoised with Breast Cancer in 2009. It is a very scary time but  with the help of family and friends i got thru it. If you would like to chat or meet for coffee please email  me and I would love to help you thru this time of your life.