Hi I'm new here - recently dx and pregnant 34yrs old


I am new on here looking for some support and hoping to find someone in a similar situation to me. I was dx with breast cancer on 22nd jan 09 when I was 12 weeks pregnant and had a mastectomy and sentinal node biopsy on 9th Feb 09 at 14 weeks pregnant. A tiny amount of cancer was found in my sentinal node so they took the level 1 lymph nodes around it. Still not sure if that is good or bad news - waiting for results from pathology.
I have been home a few days now from hospital and have alot of pain and soreness/stiffness and swelling under my arm. I’m hoping this is just normal recovery. Feeling very tired and emotional (being pg doesn’t help with that!) and am terrified of it having spread anywhere else (have pain in my lower back which I fear may be bowel cancer - hoping I’m just being irrational and paranoid).
I’m due to start chemo on 6th March so am beginning to face up to that. I’m dreading the thought of losing my hair - have got myself a wig but feel stupid in it. I’m going to try the cold cap and pray it will work (60% success apparently).
Baby still seems to be thriving thank goodness - I jsut pray I am going to get through this and be around to see it grow up.
Any other pregnant ladies on here or any success stories to give me hope? Zoe x

Hi ZOEP777

Welcome to the forums. Have you thought of calling our helpline on 0808 800 6000? Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 Saturday, this is manned by trained helpliners and breast nurses. We also have many factsheets breastcancercare.org.uk/server/show/nav.23 which you may find helpful.

I am sure you will be getting lots of advice and support from the forums users very soon.

Best wishes

firstly i’m sorry to hear your news and i hope that you get your results soon.
There was a lady treated in stoke who was pregnant and had chemo, although I can’t remember the full story, i believe that central or midlands news followed her case, as I remember the hospital not letting the cameras in to film her on chemo. Maybe it’s worth having a nose to see if there is anything on the websites.
I’m also sure that I heard that she had a bouncing babba, and then went on to have full dose chemo.
Sorry that I don’t know the full story, and my source can no longer remind me of the details.

All the best though

Hi there, I too was pregnant when I was diagnosed and that was 4 years ago, I was 34 years old too!! Its very confusing and you will feel completely emotional and your fear of it spreading is natural. There are few of usw diagnosed at such a crap time but I am in cntact with somwone else who was diagnosed during her pregnacy too. Happy to help with any queries you may have.

Take care


Sorry to hear you are in this situation, really horrible time to find this out but hope your results are good. Im not in the situation but just wanted to say the arm swelling and stiffness is totally normal, just keep doing the exercises. it is really hard not to panic its gone elsewhere but bowel isnt one of those it would go to. Just to let you know I had a bad back from diagnosis 12 months ago and lots of it was down to stress and wear and tear, probably your pregnancy too.

Take care and hope you get lots of support on here.
Lisa x

Hi Zoe

You may also find this publication useful to read, it’s called pregnancy and breast cancer and you can download/order a copy via this llnk:


Best wishes

Hi there,
I was diagnosed whilst pregnant. I was much further down the line than you, about 30 weeks. I had two doses of chemo whilst pregnant and baby was induced at 37 weeks. He was a very healthy 8lb 8oz. Chemo does not seem to have had any effect on him at all, he will be 1 on Sunday. It is a very scary time and I had lots of extra scans and appointments which helped a little bit, although the scans showed slowed growth and expected weight 6lb, yeah right!?!? Please fell free to contact me if you want. Hope all is going well at the mo.
Liz xx

Hi Zoe

I was pregnant at the time of my dx but at a later stage than you, I was 30 weeks pregnant. I had surgery and then they said they would delay my starting chemo for up to 9 weeks. They started trying to induce me at 35 weeks but my baby was having none of it and stayed put. He was eventually born at 37 weeks. My onc was hoping for me to have a natural birth rather than a c-section because of healing time and having to start chemo by the 9th week. I had a ‘trace’ of cancer in my sentinel node which they call a ‘Micrometastases’ or ‘micromet’. There are several types of micromet and your pathology report should confirm this. Micromets are a bit of a grey area but there is an old thread about them I think on ‘Undergoing Treatment for Cancer’, which may/may not help.

Felt so isolated at the time so my Mac Nurse put me in touch with another lady who was pregnant on dx and who had to have chemo whilst pregnant, I think she was 29 weeks pregnant at the time. She went on to have her baby and both were doing really well at the time I was in touch with her.

For me, I have a cheeky monkey who is almost 3 years of age now and into everything and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

There are a few more of us about and I’m sure some of them will be in touch soon. Hoping your treatment goes as well as it can do for you and baby. Take care. Love xxx

Wow- there are so many of us!!

I was dx at 34 and 35 weeks pregnant, had H the next week, induced and had a LONG labour, just got away with no c section, was desperate to not have one as was told it would delay my treatment which looking back did put me under pressure!

H was 8 1/2 pounds too- and is now a brillant cheeky 3 year old., and I am finally feeling really well!
It was tough no doubt- get all the help you can- and hang in there

best of luck with your treatment and stay in touch


Just wanted to say, well I’m not sure now but, blimey, as if BC isn’t enough to deal with and it never comes along at a convenient time, that I take my hat off to you ladies coping with pregnancy/new baby and a dx and chemo!!!

Here’s to a long long life with your babies!

(mine are now 11, 16 and 20 and dealing with BC and being a mum with them at that age was enough!)

Gosh it’s comforting to find ladies who have battled with this during pregnancy (although obviously I wish none of us had to go through any of this). I felt like I was the only one! It’s great to hear about all the happy healthy little ones who came through unscathed. Fingers crossed I will have a similar story to tell this time next year.

For help when diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy have a look at:


It’s a charity which financially helps such women.

I was diagnosed at 30 weeks and had 2 lots of chemo before having a lovely baby boy by ceasarian at 37 weeks. The last 18 months have been hard work but the end of my treatment is in sight and I cant wait to feel like a normal mum again. I have felt guilty that i physically haven’t been able be as active with the baby as i was with my 2 older kids. But i am just so thankful for every day I get with the kids its made me a better parent.I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way xx