Hi, I'm new on this forum...


Just found the IBC subforum, it will be a pleasure to read your posts and to share with you.

I’m from Quebec, basically French speaking… and with chemobrain so I hope I will not repeat myself too much! LOL!

Had the pathology report Sept.16 from the MRM surgery : clear margin (yeah), only few tiny spots of cancer in the breast removed (chemo did his job I suppose), and 6 positive nodes on 24 removed (is that good, I don’t know).

Appointment this week for the markers (for rads)-will have the bolus everyday; and another appointment with the neurologist for neuropathy.


Sue in Quebec
IBC dx Jan.09 (age 49) StageIII Her2+, ER-/PR-
Chemo: 4 rounds of AC, 11 weekly Taxol, and Herceptin for 1yr,
MRM : 6postives/24 nodes (August 26)
and rads to come early Oct.

Hi Shellsea
Also am new. Had BC op 12 months ago. Then THE WAIT for chemo. All finished. Thank God. Also radio over as well. Am one of the controls in the Beatrice Trial and keeping my fingers crossed. 80% chance of being here in 5 years. So have decided to give myself 5 years of as much enjoyment of life as I can get. Have to have some more tests shortly so all my fingers, toe, and legs are crossed at the moment.
But the bad thing in my life is that my eldest daughter has Mesothelioma and that just doesn’t seem fair at all. She is coming up for her next operation and has other health problems as well. But she is so positive about it all. Am really proud of her attitude.
All the best

Hello Sue welcome to this thread and to the forum, but sorry that you find yourself here.

I was also HER2+ and have just finished my year of Herceptin. I live in France, and although trying to get by with speaking French, it can be difficult at times, and for medical things you need it in your own language. I am lucky, most of the Dr’s I see are able to speak English.

Good luck with the rads appointment this week, feel free to ask if you want any information - everyone is a friend!

Hi all the other ladies

Carole x

Hello Sue,

Look forward to getting to know you too.
All the best with your rads appt this week,though tiring going along every day, rads is so much easier than chemo.

Let us know how you get on,
Jackie x

Hi Sue…:smiley: pleased to see you found us…:smiley: we are a small group - but very supportive…:smiley:

that is excellent news that the chemo had managed to get rid of so much of the tumour…:smiley: i was the same - just a few cells in one place…

are you from the uk originally?


Thanks for your welcome!

No Theresa, I’m not from UK, sorry I now realize this forum is mostly with England people am I wrong? Anyway, cancer doesn’t look at frontier.

My rads are going ok I have done 11 so far.

That is a lot of driving time, so if I just post time to time don’t be surprise.

I’m sending good thought to all from Quebec,