Hi JennyMc/Keep on smiling/Chemo Survival Kit

Hi JennyMc/Keep on smiling/Chemo Survival Kit

Hi JennyMc/Keep on smiling/Chemo Survival Kit Hi JennyMc and Co

Thanks for your message as a fellow clown like girly. Hope you are okay today. I’ve started to rationalise my situtation after finding out I have to have further surgery to remove lymph nodes from my armpit and a bigger safety margin from by boob as the cancer may have decided to start a party in my armpit lymph, the cheeky gatecrasher!

After a week of bawling my eyes out and feeling sorry for myself which is pants really considering there are others a lot further down the line and have a more difficult situation to deal with than what I have. However, I am learning a great deal from others experience on these forums. Have decided to take back control and I am now preparing by taking a multivitamin, vitimin C to keep defences up and Selinium which does something to free radicals and has antioxidents or encourages them I can’t remember!

Have also decided on hairdo’s as my long ginger locks will be disappearing so will prepare by getting it cut short and maybes eventually shaved. Amusing thing is boyfriend has offered to do it but has admitted to having a gadget that shaves horses’s hair so have decided to pass on that one…bless him

As long as I get rid of this gatecrashing cancer and the hair grows back I’ll be happy. Have been advised that if you eat, smell and drink stuff with ginger in it helps settle your stomach etc. I am hoping this theory also applies to encouraging ginger hair to return he he. Only thing is these tips were for combatting morning sickness so assume they work in the same way??

I am also preparing a Chemo survival kit and have made a list based on some recommendations I’ve noticed from other postings. I’ll collect ginger type things, peppermint tea, anti-sickness bands etc and make a hamper so that when it starts I’m ready for it! Any other tips will be gratefully received!

Have suggested to friends who want to visit me when I’m between chemo sessions I may make a rule they can only come round if they wear a silly wig. It’s the only thing I can think of to help me deal with the hair loss!

So I have adopted not only a clown like attitude I now have turned into an SAS commando! She who dares wins!

Keep the faith and may the force be with you all

Hels aka the Smurf x

Hi Ginger

Hope you dont mind ME gatecrashing your thread! Hopefully Im not so troublesome as your other gatecrasher which I myself am well acquainted with. Had an axillary node clearance after mastectomy on May 1st. Gatecrashers in 4 nodes!

I think your idea of putting together lots of survival tips is fantastic. I did a couple of things before my chemo started: if you type in Bristol cancer centre (which has now changed its name and I cant remember to what!) into google then this site is great as to what you can do for yourself.

I must say that if you can keep a sense of humour which you certainly have then I think that is fantastic (your quip about ginger made me laugh) - my sense of humour is going to be severely tested today though as I have the rest of my thinning locks shaved off by either my friend or other half who are both very keen (worrying eh!!). This has been made worse by my wig shop cutting the fringe on my wig too short! No chance of this growing back!

Just to throw a slight spanner into your works though I had my second FEC yesterday, I was sick once exactly 8 hours afterwards exactly the same as first FEC. Feel great this morning, have had breakfast and if this cycle is like the last one (and I really am not banking that it will be as Ive read enough on here not to lull me into a sense of false security), then I will feel great until the next one!!! So you never know you might be lucky and not have too many side-effects - no harm in hoping!!
Pauline x

Chemo Hi

I went through 6 months of chemo in 2005. It wasn’t too bad. A sense of humour about the wig does help. We had fun in my family, with everyone trying it on - my Dad in a long blonde wig was very amusing! I wore a headscarf with close friends and family, and wig when out and about. I remember scrabbling around to put my wig on when someone knocked at the door! My friend’s 3 year old did once burst out crying in fear when I took off my hair at her house!

Good luck and keep laughing at things!