Hi just finished 15 sessions of radio after lumpectomy

Soreness really set in , but coping , Very tired , flop when i get home frome work lol.tablets make me ache abit .


Does anyone else still have a lump after the surgery , no lump before !  hope its just scare tissue .


Feel a bit vunerable not got appointment till May lol . miss the saftey of the breast care team . Sounds Daft you think id be glad off the rest from hospital,  wouldnt you .


My Hubby thinks my worries are over because they removed the cancer and to forget about it …I wish …



I know exactly where you’re coming from. Just got in after my 20th rads session and Im feeling tired, sore and tearful! My husband has just said I need to be positive now it’s all over and I bit his poor head off! He did then explain himself a bit better, but I think it’s so difficult for anyone who hasn’t had cancer to completely understand our feelings of vulnerability. I have an oncology appointment in March.

Yes my hubby gets snapped at too , bless him. they do try to say the right things and do there best , anastrozole messes with my moods I think . and he gets the brunt of it ,he does put up with a lot and it’s not his fault ?

Maggie Ann


No it does not sound daft at all, we all have those worries


Just because you have finished your active treatment does not mean that you can not contact your breast care nurse x If you are concerned give her a call even if it is just to put your mind at rest.  I have to say I do have an area under my scar where it feel thicker but have always thought it was post op related, but if I was worried about it I would have not problem in ringing her, so give her a call xx



Hi Maggie Ann. I had 2 lumpectomys the last one in August, started tamoxifen in September and finished Rads at the end of November. I totally understand the vulnerable bit I think we all feel like that and I know I will for quite a while. I’ve got a lump just under part of my top scar the Bc nurse said it’s just scar tissue but like Helena said if your worried speak to your nurse mine have been really helpful when I’ve needed them.
Lv Clair xx

Thank you , lovely to read your post , helped a lot :slight_smile: x

Thanks Helena , I will ring tmrw , lovely to speak to you … take care maggie xxx

yes I also have a lump post surgery and it is scarey as sometimes I think it might be cancer growing back but have been told it is most likely scar tissue. Was told to rub it in a circular motion to try to break the scar tissue down .but cant do that presently as getting radiotherapy and my boob would get too sore x