Hi Masey

Hi Maisey

I was glad to read you had your surgery earlier, I agree I bet it was writing to the trust that did the trick.

How are you?


Just found your message - Ithink it might have been the letter that got me there earlier. I have been and had it done and got results that say all is well - lump out and lymph nodes clear. i have recovered well got most movement back in arm, I am seeing onc on Thursday to discuss radiotherapy etc. So far I feel very lucky, but you never know what is waiting around the corner!

Thank you for you care. Hope all is well with you.


Hi Madeline,

Its good to hear some positive news in the midst of all you are going through. I hope having clear lymph nodes helped you remain a little up beat.

Keep up with the exercises I found they do really help keep the fluid build-up down.

You will see lots of postings about rads so I hope they help. Good luck for Thursday and I hope the ‘waiting game’ for rads doesn’t get you too upset.

I am tip top today, I am back on the waiting game wheel again as my onc is on holiday (How dare these people take annual leave, they should forsake all holidays for me!). I could see someone else but she is so good I am prepared to wait an extra couple of weeks.

Take care

Hi Carol

To be honest I am not worried about radiotherapy, I dont know if I am being a bit naive. I dont believe they have any more news to tell me but I could be wrong. Anyway, I feel positive and very lucky at the moment when you read other stories and I feel I havent much to moan about really. My next worry is my daughter, she is going to Iraq end of November - she is a nurse in the Navy. So she wont be around for Christmas, I wont be able to visit her in Plymouth and of course she will be in danger. So my radiotherapy is a minor issue to me. I agree with you, I dont think any specialists should go away! They doi seem to go away quite alot!. I have been taking Tamoxifen for 11 days now and so far I havent grown a beard or thinning hair. I am having hot flushes but not too unbearable. i have put on weight but I think that has been due to overeating last week - my daughter stayed for a week and we went out a lot!

Hope you will keep in touch - I will let you know about my appointment on Thursday - they say I should take a friend or family, I dont know why, anyway I havent got anyone.

Stay tip top, regards Madeline

Hi Madeline,

You are so right, when it comes to worrying over our children this BC thing pales into insignificance. I will think about you, your daughter and family over the next step in her crucial work in Iraq, thank goodness for girls like her to care for others.

I am cautious of sounding too up beat on these forums because I do not want to devalue peoples worries but sometimes I think we need to refocus ourselves don’t we.

I will add as you seem ok about rads, I had a great time associating with cheerful nurses and patients that were more bothered about the journey than the treatment.
I quite missed the laughs after 25 sessions.

I am fortunate, I do not have to go onto hormone treatments, mind I have still managed to start growing a beard since chemo!

I’ll keep in touch,


Hi Carol

I have posted on othe threads but get very confused as to where I have been. Anyway I had my appointment yesterday, it was very interesting. I have grade 1, it was 4mm and oestrogen positive. They are waiting for results on whether it is HER2 positive. The oncologist was quite cagey on this but I pressed him and he said that if this is the case I would be put on Herceptin and with that goes chemo. But he said that is not to worry about at the moment. Anyway I am having CT scan on Monday and there will be 3 week course of radiotherapy, dates to be arranged. I sort of felt I was nearing the end of the road but I think I might have been a bit naive afterall. I suppose reality is hitting me, I dont think you are ever rid of this really, however much you want to be. But I will just get on with it as best I can. I know that I am actually very lucky really.

Lots of love



I had too much wine last night - went out- saw my radiologist smoking! Felt quite cross. Today have a bad head!

Hi Madeline

I know what you mean about posting on threads, I have just come across one asking me a question back on the 22.10. I hope they didn’t think I had ignored them on purpose!.

Good luck with the scan on Monday and I hope they get the results back re Herceptin soon.

I go back on Tuesday to find out whether I will be going on Herceptin.

Take care.