Hi, new and frightened


I found a lump in my left breast a few days ago.  It is about 3cm or more in size and sore.  I went to the doctors and she has referred me to a breast clinic.  I have been told to expect to wait 2 weeks.  I am 39 years old and don’t think there is any history of breast cancer in my family but there is a history of other cancers.  My grandpa died of lung cancer, my gran and aunt both died of bowel cancer, my dad died of lung cancer and my mum had lung cancer and thankfully survived.  I don’t think that lung or bowel cancer are relevant to breast cancer, not sure.  I didn’t have any lumps under my armpits but tonight under my left armpit hurts.  I am really scared.  I have been feeling really warm now and again and my legs have been aching, not sure if that is relevant either.  The lump feels like it is burning under my skin.  I don’t know how long it has been there, only noticed it because it was sore, it feels hard.  I am frightened it is cancer and because of the size of the lump that it might be advanced.  What do you think?  Thanks

Hi Tina


I am sorry you have this worry. No one can tell you whether you have cancer until you have the scans and checks done at the breast clinic. It is really good that your GP has referred you so quickly. It is absolutley normal to start feeling all sorts of aches and pains when in this situation.


You will be checked out thouroughly when you go to the clinic.


Hope you get good news, take care.