hi just wanted to say hello was diagnosed on 12/3/13 (hubbys birthday so we wont forget that date!) with invasive ductal ca in my r breast due for quadrantectomy and sentinel node biopsy this thurs
breast nurse says they prefer not to give grading from core biopsy until full tumour is excised we have 3 children 18,15 and 11 and have just told 2 of them today my daughter decided on lastminute sleepover so let her go and enjoy that before i tell her tomorrow which was upsetting lots of love caz xx

Hi Caz… what an emotional time for you all. It moves pretty quickly once they have planned your treatment and I’m sure, although you will have a bit of a wait for your eventual results after surgery, it won’t seem so bad as you’ll have had your op. I guess your sleepover child will rally round and take her cue from you and the others on how to react, to an extent. I’m sure there will be lots of others along to say Hi and some with children similar ages and who have had similar treatment, from whom you can gain a sense of ‘all in this togetherness’. Take care


Hi Caz d , as Toriaconet says the waiting bit is hard. I am ahead of you as had the surgery bit twice as they did not get a clear margin first time, so two periods of waiting between surgery and results. Now due to start. Rad treatment this week and on Anastrozole for five years! Once you know where you are it gets easier. Difficult telling those close to you but once they know I found I got a lot of support. Once they feel they can get them to tell others as you will find it wearing talking about it and having to explain to everyone the details. Thing is I suspect you don’ t even feel or look ill! Get used to alot saying " you look so well". Inside you will feel not so good and it will seem so surreal! This site very helpful even just reading others experiences.
I found my local Breast care nurses really good and feel Consultants etc have been excellent. Just wanted to get on with surgery and get the thing out !! Be positive but allow yourself to also have moments when you will feel upset and even angry an everyone’s cancer is different but you wil get useful tips on this site. Take care and let us know how you get on.