hi, newbie, advice on what happens next please

Hi, i am new to this site. I have been to my gp today because i have a flatish lump on the outside edge of my left breast. I have being having sharp stabbing pains for the last three months and aching in my breast, very unlike any periody aches i have ever had. i have also being having hot flushes. So, today the doctor had a feel, said he can feel something quite big, i described it as a toffee penny-he laughed, and refferred me as ‘high risk’. can anyone who has being through this explain what happens now? And, and tips on coping witht he two week wait for my appointment?

Hi Kerry and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the valuable support you will receive here please feel free to call our helpline for a listening ear on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

BCC have published a booklet called ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find helpful to read, you can read or order a copy via this link:


Best wishes

Hi Kerry,

I was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago, so my information may be a bit out of date, but I didn’t want you to go unanswered. If someone wants to update me, please feel free.

You should be given a mammogram, an ultrasound and a fine needle biopsy. Be prepared to spend at least a couple of hours at the hospital. You will probably be told on the day what the diagnosis is, or at least be given an indication. Then you will probably be called back a week later for the full results.

Most lumps are harmless (90%) but if not you will be given some details of the treatment regime being offered at this second appointment.

Hi Kerry

I think the procedures vary from area to area. My lump was found on a mammo so at follow-up I was given an ultrasound and FNB, but had to wait a week or so for results. My ultrasound tech didn’t give anything away.

The waiting is horrible - I’m afraid I don’t know any way of making it easier, other than just trying to keep as busy as possible. As RR says most lumps are harmless - and I very much hope yours will be too. Do let us know you get on.

finty xx

Hi Kerry
Like you I found my lump myself, went to the GP, who referred me to the breast consultant. At that appointment the consultant checked me over first, said she really couldn’t tell what it was, then sent me for a mammogram 10 minutes later. When that showed something suspicious they immediately went on to do an ultrasound scan and even I could see the dark area in my breast on the screen. He then took a needle core biopsy rather than a fine needle biopsy, since he strongly suspected BC. I then waited 10 or 20 mins while the radiographer wrote a report on what he’d found, before I was seen again by the consultant, who broke the news to me that I had BC. My husband attended all these appointments with me, except the mammogram where they don’t allow anyone else in the room because it involves X-rays.
However, I suspect that that BC setup is particularly efficient since all the tests are done in one session, I believe many places do a mammogram, then call you back for further tests on a separate occasion if that shows up something dodgy, so more waiting and worrying.
There’s no magic cure for the horrible waiting periods involved, and your emotions will be all over the place. As Finty said, try to keep busy, particularly mentally busy, with other things. But it will still creep up to scare you when you’re least expecting it.
I strongly recommend that you take someone with you to all the appointments - if it happily turns out to be a false alarm then all it has cost is a bit of time. If it turns out more complicated then it is so important to have someone there to help absorb all the info that will be flying your way. It is very difficult to take everything in when you’re upset and frightened.
Best of luck,
Sarah x

I only had to wait a week for my appointment. I went on my own as I had had a mammogram about 12 years ago for a lump which turned out to be just lumpy tissue so i really wasn’t too concerned. I had an ultrasound and a core biopsy and they told me there and then it was cancer so it was a massive shock. I then had to go back a week later for the plan of action and I took my friend with me this time for moral support. Hopefully your hospital will do everything in one day and not keep you hanging about too much because the waiting is the worst thing. Once you know what you are dealing with it is much easier to get on.
I hope you don’t stress yourself out too much. Try not to think about it if you can and don’t read too much on here as some of it will scare you to death!
Good luck and I hope it is nothing to worry about

thanks ladies :slight_smile: am sure its nothing to worry about:) being trying to keep busy, its always there in the back of my mind, once i have my appointment i will feel better.
thanks again
kerry x

Got rang up by the breast clinic today, the lady on the phone was quite shirty with me, said i had missed my appointment for the day before-i hadnt even known i had an appointment:( she said that they had sent a letter, i hadnt recieved it:( they had my home and mobile numbers, really feel like they couldve rang me as well. Feel like she didnt believe me! Why would i miss something like that? Got more time to worry and think the worst:( Trying to be positive is getting harder!
kerry x

ohhh Kerry what a nightmare, you poor thing :frowning:

I just wanted to say that one of my lumps (the one on the outside edge too) is also flat, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t a cyst, it is however a fibroadenoma, well they both are.

Are they going to send you a new appointment through, if so probably best to call them next week if you haven’t received anything.

I hope you get a new date very soon.

So, went to clinic today. i had a triple assessment, and have to go back next friday for results:( The doctor said it was likely to be something nasty:( dont know how i am supposed to feel! More waiting:( My grandad died at the weekend too:(( all doom and gloom here! Meh, i need wine:)
kerry x

Had a bad day yesterday :frowning: it just hit me that this is serious. Felt very teary and got upset in the shower when husband had to hold my shower cap on my bioob so i could shave my armpit-seems silly now, but it really upset me. The shower cap was my daughters idea-to keep the biopsy scab dry, she is in bad books because she has lost her dance festival music-she is supposed to be doing her ballet solo on monday, i have tried to contact her teacher, but she is in london. Hey ho, nbot going to sweat the small stuff, its no biggie if she dont dance:)))))))
Told our closest couple friends last night that i had a biposy and it might be bad news, didnt want to tell anyone, makes it more real then, but husband spends a lot of time with this friend and its obvious that we aren’t as bubbly as we usually are :confused:
Still dont know how to feel, trying to keep away from the google, it will only scare me. Babbling so much, just lots of random things in my head, all fighting to get out.

Hi, just feel free to babble away on here if it helps! If its any consolation what you are feeling now is normal and it is the very worst part ie the waiting - not really knowing what it is, but scaring yourself by reading stuff and your mind doing overtime and playing tricks thinking the worst case scenario.

There’s not much you can do between now and Friday - once you do get the results and don’t discount good news either - then you will be clearer on what happens next. I remember the time well and I my head was all over the place and I certainly didn’t want to see people or even talk about ‘it’. Be kind to yourself and as you say don’t worry about other ‘trivia’ in the scheme of things these things don’t matter.

let us know how you get on, there is so much support, experience and knowledge on these forums and ‘babbling away’ helped me!


Oh Kerry
I so feel for you and understand where you are at the moment. You sound just like I did at the beginning of July. There is this feeling of why is the rest of the world carrying on as normal because it’s like life is on hold. This waiting is the worst time and even if the news is not the best once you have it, you have not only a start date but a treatment plan which will give you an end date as well. I am 2/3rd’s of the way through chemo and already looking at going back to work in new year once rads are finished, and have had amazing support from bcn, voluntary support teams as I’m sure you will too. This site has helped hugely as well so keep posting as often as you need. Just remember you are not alone and there are loads of us on here who can empathise with you and totally understand what is going on in your brain at the moment.
Sending big cyber hugs your way

Aw, thamks ladies:))))) its the waiting that is awful, it becomes something so huge:/ the dance music was found-so got to fluff the tutu up :)))))) and sew ribbons on to ballet shoes:(((
Husbands grandma died yesterday, its all doom and gloom here at the moment!
feel quite positive today, got a busy week with something planned for every day, even if one of the events is a funeral.
Thanks again ladies, i really appreciate your replys:)
kerry xx

Hi Kerry

Sorry to hear about your grandma-in-law :frowning:

The waiting around is a real b*mmer. I’m only waiting for my initial appointment and that’s hard enough, goodness knows what it must be like when you’re actually waiting for results to get your dx.

Good luck to you and I hope that it isn’t ‘something nasty’. Will be thinking of you on Friday ((hugs))


Just wanted to add to what others have already said. Waiting for results, whether already diagnosed or right at the beginning is really really hard & you honestly do just have to carry on & eventually the days go by & then you will know what you are dealing with. Sometimes not knowing can be harder BUT at least you know if it’s not the news you are hoping for you WILL be well cared for & supported

Hoping for the best for you Friday

Hi Kerry,
You are definately at the worst part when you don’t really know for sure what is what.
Your reactions are totally normal and so many of us here have felt the same way that you do now.

I can’t really add to what has already been said apart from that you will find your way through each day somehow and as time passes you will build a picture up of what will happen next then it will all become clearer and then you will know what you are dealing with and be ready to tackle it head on.

At the best…the really yuk news has not yet been confirmed, but if it is it seems that you have good support there and of course we here too.

Sorry to hear that you have other issues going on too at the moment. Sending you positive vibes and huge cyber hugs
Suze x

Thanks ladies, it really does mean a lot to me that you take the time to reply. Today was my grandads funeral. I got through it, held it together:/ then came home and it has finally hit me! On friday I am going to find out, good or bad, and we can move on.
I hope one day I can return the favour of passing on things I have learnt from my experience, just now I don’t feel able too.
Its all too much, the what ifs, the maybe’s and the they might just tell me its all in my head’s!!!
Kerry xxx

ooorrr Kerry i so understand your head is all over the place and you feel in turmoil and life will never be the same ,you feel you cannot plan anything or commit untill you know what Friday will bring . heres hoping your results are nothing nasty and im sure your grandad is watching over you heres to postive thoughts and vibes that everything is ok,but remember the ladies on here are a tower of strength and information and if you do have to have treatment take one step at a time and you do get through and past the way you feel now and you come out the other side a much better and stronger person .I finish my last radiotherapy tomorrow woo hoo . after diagnosis in March and chemo may- aug. and believe me the time has flown by and here iam finishing tomorrow and ready to move on .we now dont do" stress"and worry about trivia in our house anymore ,it certainly puts everything else into perspective and makes you realise whats important to you .good luck for Friday xxxxx love and hugs Julie you can message me anytime and let us know how you get on xx

Hi Kerry, only just seen this thread, and just wanted to say hang on in there, be strong, and I’ll be keeping it all crossed for you on Friday x I got diagnosed a fortnight ago, and am now waiting for op date, and the waiting is just awful - for me it’s that whole feeling that there is nothing I can do to resolve things/get going - once you know what you’re facing/when things are happening, it is so much better. I really do feel for you right now -( but I’m still hoping for a very happy outcome of your visit on Friday )

Sophie xx