Hi there, I am a newbie to this site,..........

Hi guys I am new to this site, I found you by accident but after readind a post about hercepton and the side effects I have decided to join you…
A little bit about myself:- I was diagnosed back in June 2012 with stage 3 ductal carcinoma (breast cancer), I have had 6 months of Chemo, on Hercepton for 12 months, also developed a blood clot in my SVC which was brought on by having a portacaf fitted, I have since had a masectomy and now I am waiting on Radiation…
Look forward to reading the threads.:slight_smile: and getting to know you all!!!
Cheers Tracey

Hi There
Welcome to the site.
I also found the site by reading peoples posts.
I hope that you find lots of friends and info on the site.
Someone will be along soon.
((( hugs )))

Hi have just spent the last couple of hours browsing this site and looking at posts and finding it useful/fascinating. I did this as I got up to write my questions for when I drop in to see the bcn today. I had a mastectomy just over two weeks ago, had my follow up appointment on Weds, feel fine and going back to work on Monday. the feedback was good in that the surgery has cleared the cancer and there is no sign of its spreading but I feel a bit let down in that ‘what happens next’ is a two week wait to see the oncologist. Two weeks seem to have been common periods in my path from diagnosis In January. My approach from diagnosis has been I want to get this sorted ASAP and get my life back on track; I did try asking earlier how the treatment process would fit into four key elements of my plans/events in my life this year but neither the consultant or bcn ventured a response so plan to try again with the onc.
now going to check out local support.a