Hi there... new recruit

Hi there ladies

Just wanted to introduce myself…

I’m 28 and discovered a lump 3 weeks ago.

I had the ultra sound, needle test, mammogram and biopsy early last week and I found out (towards the end of the week) that I had BC.

I saw the consultant again today and I will be having a mastectomy next week.

Things have happened so rapidly and it all seems a bit of a whirlwind.

This forum has helped me enormously, and I’ve only been observing for a week! Your comments and stories are so re-assuring and informative.

Lots of love

AM x

hi there sorry to hear you have become a member of the club no one wants to join …I am 18 mths down the line …And I wish you well this forum has been a godsend to me and we will all support you the best we can xxxxxxx good luck
Maz x

It is an absolute whirlwind. That’s exactly how I felt when dx a year ago.

Best advice I got was to only read in the section you are on - do not read ahead to the next stage of treatment or whatever until it’s relevant to you. Otherwise it’s too much to take in. Do look on the Younger Women’s threads as well, I found that it helped me feel less isolated when I was the youngest having surgery/chemo/rads by a generation

There have been times when I don’t know what I’d have done without this forum, people on here understand in a way that your friends and family can’t.


So sorry to hear you have had to join us, I was dx on 3rd march, and its like a roller coaster ride you don’t want to be on! I felt better once I knew what was happening, but this site has been such a support and i feel I have made so many friends who do know what you are going through!
Keep posting, love Debs xxxxx

iam new too.
32yrs old. 2 babies. Was dignosed 24th april. had op yesterday and as i am big breasted managed to stick with wide local excision!
lymph nodes clear- told that day which was fab.
no drain and out same day.
Had little cry in anesthtic room and with that the anestatist drugged me and i woke in recovery being shouted at by fiesty nurse! Guess anasthatist couldnt be doing with crying woman a minute longer!

All in all not bad. Cancer grade 3 and quickly spreading so chemo, radio and tamioxifen planned.

One stage over, long was to go but already feel more positive!
Boob a mess= not a great shape!

Good luck with your op- bigger than mine but i am sure you will be ok once it gets underway. I was worse with my hubbie there as he was so upset!

take care


Sue ,take care, i came out same day with 2nd WLE, but felt really rough a couple of days later, not as strong as i thought! So have lots of rest and be spoilt! love Debs xxx

Hi Am
I’m Allie and had WLE last week so diff op diff recovery etc.
Recommend the forums as have been a good help to me is rubbish being young and dealing with the whole thing especially as usually there are older ladies having surgery with you tho they are a source of support.
I’m 29 would fell hard done by if i wasn’t worried depression would set in, trying to just take one step at a time many many people have said it helps. I’m waiting for my results to find iut what’s next if you need to chat get in touch.
Allie xxx

Had WLE on thursday and true enough, its catching up with me!
Feel faint and rubbish today when i imagine i should feel a bit better!

Not easy with two babies!

Now the wait begins to see what the powers that be have planned for my not so rosey future!

Thanks girls, I really appreciate your comments. I will definitely keep posting, and would like to know how everyone is getting on and progress you’re all making.

I have the op on Wednesday, and I am now terrified. I’ve had a very mixed week - feeling calm and determined, and then very low and upset. My head is just spinning.

Good luck with the results Allie and Sue and thanks for your posts, let me know how you get on. Thanks Debs and Maz, I will defo keep posting. Kinden, thanks for the advice - beforehand I was researching practically everything about this awful process, and my imagination was running away with me. I just need to focus on what’s directly in front of me.

Thanks again ladies, I feel so much better for having this forum. Good luck to all.

Love AM xxx

AM, i was terrified about having the op because i had never had surgery before or a general! But i have to say it was alot better than i thought it would be, so much so I slept the night before my 2nd WLE, just remember to take care and rest afterwards because you can feel a bit woozy!! Hope it all goes well and I know its hard but try not to worry!!
love debs xxxx