sorry didnt know where to post this question

im on income support
i used to work to earn the £20 a wk im allowed to earn , and it helped towards my top up rent

im now not working and wondered if there is any other help out there,we are really struggling
im going to ring cab later

Hi lincs lady at my hospital we have a macmillan adviser,she works for the cab but holds sessions at the hospital so knows about every thing that you can claim and all about the effects of cancer. She told me what i could claim for ie.council tax/housing benefit, disability etc.She also said about a macmillan grant which realy helps and she sorted that out for me,i got £400.00 to cover heating and a new bed,mine was very old and uncomfortable,you can even claim for clothing new washing machines etc she was realy helpful and keeps ringing to see if all my claims went through ok.

thankyou or the reply

i spent all day alternating between waiting in a queue with cab or mcmillan lol

anyway mcmillan answered 1st
she said about the grant too and is sending me a form though it will be into winter i would need it for bills
the bed is a good idea mine is getting on a bit and i have a memory topper on it to make it more comfortable

she is sending me various forms and i have rung housing and asked for a form for extra help with my rent